10 X Belts

When you think of the male accessories, it is often the tie, handkerchief, clock or glasses that gets the focus. An accessory that is at least as important to the big picture in a dress is the belt. A way to pick up colors from shoes and watch bands or to being subtle and relaxed way defuse the suit.

To wear a black belt to brown shoes and on the contrary, it has long been recognized as a classic stilmiss and although it doesn’t need to be any problems with the combination of black and Brown purely aesthetic so there is a point in the not to mix them in the same attire. The black, usually a more formal dress and Brown a bit more relaxed. Mixing them can sometimes contribute to well great contrast. That, however, would have to match the shoe, bracelets and belt exactly or buy products from the same manufacturer is nonsense. Just like to match the handkerchief exactly after the tie it could rather be seen as searched or lack of fantasti. Brown leather usually have so many shades in that it looks very good even if the belt, shoe and bracelet are in three different tones. The key here is that the colors look great together and harmonizes with the rest of the outfit. It has, for example, green shoes, it will be often better not to try to match but instead find a belt in a completely different shade that still works in conjunction with the rest of the garments.

We recommend everyone to have at least three different belts. A black relatively narrow around 4 cm in calfskin for more formal moments. A medium brown, burgundy or brown depending on what fits best, and even a wardrobe in suede or braided nylon.

The latter operates not unlike a crocheted tie and perhaps not to recommend to the most formal costumes but a great way to defuse the whole. In färgväg, there is this classic tones like Burgundy, buteljgrönt or Navy Blue to Brown here.

We have selected 10 belts that we think have a natural place in the male wardrobe.

Loake 1880

Classic black belt from British shoe manufacturer Loake.


A black belt in cordovanskinn looks at first glance like a regular belt in the calf, but is an extremely durable skins you can have the rest of your life.

John Lobb

Belt in the so called Museum Calf from John Lobb. The mottled effect occurs when one color into the moist skin already in the tanning process.


Berluti is known for its high-end finishes and on a belt doing it that you can match it with various shades of Brown in the form of shoes or bracelet.

Berg & Berg

A dark brown belt is a great fit to, for example, the blue suit.


Light brown belt with embossing from French leather specialist Duret. (even the top picture)

Crockett & Jones

A braided belt in brown leather gives a little more casual feel and structure.

Oscar Jacobson

Dark brown mockabälte from Swedish Oscar Jacobson.

Rose & Born

Braided belt in Snuff suede from Rose & Born.


Braided belt in nylon from Italian Anderson’s which is one of the largest in the area.