13 Ways to Reuse Old Objects and Create Custom Environments

If you already work, live alone, share an apartment or even if you have always liked to tidy up your things and give a unique touch to your favorite environment, the following tips can be very valuable.

Firstly, you will not spend a lot of money to put them into practice, which is already a great thing; Secondly, the personal touch is capable of making that furniture or decorating object belong to you, all over the world. Is not that incredible? So let’s go.

The ideas you will see below have been taken from the Sustainable Architecture website, with the intention of attracting your look beyond the obvious. An old suitcase can turn an armchair and a ladder is a great place to store books. Check out these and other concepts below, and then, as always, tell what you think of these ideas. If you know of any other nice reuse, tell us in the comments.


If for some reason you have a top hat at home, it’s a great use for her.


Okay, it takes a little courage to do that with a piano, but the result is very interesting.

3-Finding Nemo

How about turning an old television into an aquarium?

4-Time to pedal

You know that old bike rim you have at home? There is not? Buy one then at a mechanic’s shop, and that’s it: you can turn the rim into a very different wall clock. Here at wallclockstation.com, you can check the steps.

5-Another destination for the piggy bank

Nothing to go around buying the world with their five-cent pennies-make an incredible vase with them!

6-Get more than hangover

If it’s to drink wine, at least save the corks and do something nice with them.


You know that bike that you have not worn in a few years, but stubborn about not selling or donating to someone? How about turning it into a decoration? It’s more interesting, at least.

8-Again, the wine

Save the corks and bottles. Everything can be useful in this life.

9-Step by Step

It is very easy and looks very beautiful.

10-Mirror, mirror of mine

Look what an incredible idea! Accept the fact that you will not play tennis with that frequency you expected. Run to the glazing closest to you and turn the sport that did not work out in a stylish decor.


Do you know those wooden chairs? This is another very interesting way of seeing them.

No more traveling

The destination of the suitcase now is to sit back and rest.


That wooden ladder you’ve never used in life can be finally useful. Get to work!