20 Craft Ideas With Water Gallon

Renew yourself today by creating some crafts with water gallon, even if you are renovating the materials, if you already make sustainable crafts.

Want to see craft ideas with water gallon to change the type of crafts you’ve been doing? So take advantage of all the ideas today and even increase some idea that you like or create the ideas that pop up in your own head. For nothing is more rewarding than creating something “out of the blue” and seeing your result be praised by many or appreciated by that special person.

Happiness is also in the little things and spending a day making a piece with your own hands, being useful in something and stimulating your talents is a sure step for happiness, without a doubt. Check it out! And do some handicrafts with a water bottle.

Craft Models With Water Gallon

To make a basket with a gallon of water you will need:

Water gallon of your choice;


Tape measure;


Hot glue pistol;

Large stapler;

Fabric of your choice and with the color or with the print also of your preference.

Craft Ideas With Water Gallon

Measure and mark in your gallon the size you want for your basket and cut the excess, but leaving strips on the sides to be the handle of your basket. Glue the ends of both strips, and staple very well, to create the basket strap. Cover the outside of the basket with the chosen fabric. Glue the parts very well, with hot glue, so as not to loosen over time. To finish your piece, cover the inside of the basket with the same fabric. And it’s ready!

Delight yourself and be inspired by the rest of the gallon craft ideas from this post, to fully explore all your artistic gifts by developing this kind of crafts, sustainable craftsmanship, without fears and without reservations, with the heart of a dreamy child making something for the first time.

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