5 Games To Do In Children’s Parties

My kids are of school age and, therefore, the participation in birthday parties are quite frequent. In them, we experience different situations, such as: happy children enjoying themselves and other weeping, even leaving the party early because they have lost in some of the jokes and games.

Well, within a few weeks, will be the birthday of one of my sons and, a few days ago, I needed to organise your party. At that moment, I was reminded of some of those experiences and I decided to assemble a list of pranks to do at children’s parties that encourage fun and the development of children, avoiding toss-ups and possible misunderstandings.

Thinking that many mothers may be at the same moment that I, in the text today, I will share my list of games. Got interested? So, keep reading!

1-Puppet Show

That game went to the top of the list, because it is really engajadora and there are no winners or losers, nor cry of a little lost. Trust me: pranks to do at children’s parties should have the minimum possible dispute, that’s the key to ensure a fun party from start to finish!

The puppets and dolls can be purchased, leased or made at home—the last option ensures fun even before the party starts. If you choose to make your own puppets, the materials used can be: socks with faces drawn, popsicles sticks with dolls made of patches, etc.

With the dolls ready, let the environment prepared for children of various ages can interact. Some are going to create their own stories, others may want little books to follow. It is very interesting when adults enter the joke, because doing funny voices and narratives do more, plucking laughs from small.

2–Jumping Rope

This is a joke besides fun, brings numerous benefits to the kids: practice of physical exercise , improved motor skills and group interaction. The activity can be done in groups or individually and not demand big financial investment.

The last parties, children have incremented the joke: inspired by the film Jumping, Disney they use more than one rope and organize challenges and competitions.

3-Play Ball

Play ball is a very old activity that can please the guests of various ages—if there are enough free space and space, it is worth promoting the game. During the party, be sure to encourage rotation of people between the teams, to prevent them from being formed “cliques” and for children to interact with different people.


This is another joke to do in children’s parties that captivates the little guests. Follow our step by step to organize this joke:

Count the number of participants;

Separate small pieces of paper in number corresponding to the amount of players;

Write the word “Detective” in one of the leaflets, in another the word “killer” and the rest, “victim”;

Form a circle and fold all the paper crumbs or oatmeal and mix them, so that each participant get a function;

The participant who came out with the killer must try to eliminate, discreetly, the other participants. This will be done with a slight wink—avoiding that the detective “the capture”;

When the player receives the wink has to say: “I died”;

The role of the detective to find out who the killer is, checking out-well in time it blinks. When the detective finds out, he shouts: “you’re under arrest”.

The game ends when the killer is revealed or if he can eliminate all participants before the detective solve the challenge.

5-Play Hula Hoop

Spin Hula hoops, as well as jump ropes, is an activity with guaranteed fun and that can be done both individually and as a group—is worth turning on his arm, knees or waist. Some kids more savvy can even rotate it on the floor with one foot and bounce it with the other. This old joke is simple, but stimulates the child’s motor development and balance.

Do you like our list today? Have any other suggestions of pranks to do at children’s parties? Then let your comment and share your tip with us!