5 IOS Ever Closer

It is not any secret. It is something that we know from the date of its presentation. Since the WWDC 2011 in the early days of the last month of June, we know that the arrival of iOS 5, and with it a number of new features in the iOS ecosystem, was planned for after summer. A fact that certainly confirms the date of expiration the latest version beta released from Cupertino, the iOS 5 beta 7, established for the next October 20.

This way to avoid the use of deprecated code indefinitely continues to be a common practice in some of the previous versions of programs or operating systems in development. In fact, the deadline may be somewhat arbitrary, or that simply It would respond to the protocols established by Apple to avoid being caught by the bull with last minute problems, even to allow the coexistence of several beta versions with the Gold Master, which would launch countdown to an imminent release of the final version.

However, by what we see, the software is advanced enough in their development to allow their publication throughout the month of September, thus fulfilling the latest unofficial forecasts. In fact, beta 7 brings a few new features in the Centre of notifications, integration with Twitter and iCloud, as well as the implementation of the “text to speech” function of Nuance from the own selection menu of the text and the possibility of synchronizing with different computers via Wi-Fi.

Be that as it may, the fact is that iOS 5 It can be a stop on the possibilities of portable Apple devices can offer, with a operating philosophy that completely decouples your use of your computer, serving this at the same time as the basis for an endless list of services “in the cloud” that can arise from now on. It be true that of the “post-PC era”?

And as not, if so, the major beneficiaries will be the providers of these services and companies that facilitate the connection to use services, read own mobile telephony operators. But that’s another story that must be told at another time.