5 Reasons to Carry a Bottle of Water in the Bag

You may have already heard out there that we need to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Even knowing this, many people end up forgetting to drink water in the required amount. A good alternative to the “Oblivion” is to always have a bottle of water around. See 5 reasons not to forget the squeeze at home.

1. The end of Headquarters

Feeling thirsty, oddly enough, is not normal. When you notice a dry mouth or the immediate need for water, it means that the body is dehydrated. So, the ideal is to drink water throughout the day even without feeling thirsty. The trick is to consume small amounts several times a day.

2. The environment Thanks

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of waste we produce every day? Or do you know to carry a bottle of water in the bag is also a way of taking care of the planet. When using a squeeze, you use less disposable cups. In addition, the bottles of mineral water can be reused for up to 3 days.

3. The water Weight

According to insurancejust, water consumption also helps you lose weight. In contact with food fibers, the water forms a species of sponge, which increases the feeling of satiety. She also assists in the Elimination of toxins, with the swelling. And there’s more: when we’re thirsty, the brain can understand that we need to feed ourselves. So, if you are diet and feel hungry within less than 3 hours, 1 glass of water may solve your problem.

4. Goodbye Cellulite

Women who drink a lot of water have less chance of developing cellulite. This is because the fluid intake helps in the Elimination of toxins through the urine and sweat. In addition, the water can activate blood circulation and improve cellular functions. All this contributes to prevent cellulite.

5. More health

If all these reasons have persuaded you, it is important to note that water is essential to a healthy life. It facilitates digestion, improves intestinal function, strengthens the body’s defenses and still improves performance in physical activities. So, carry a bottle of water in the bag is also a health issue.