5 Tips for Breastfeeding Bras Models

Hello girls, okay?

In the video this week on channel Mom Full I talked about Breastfeeding bra, with hints of the important points to be considered in the purchase of this item ESSENTIAL for women who breastfeed.

The breasts will suffer various changes over the months of pregnancy, but after birth these changes reach your climax. The breasts are bulky, heavy, sensitive beaks, can sometimes leak milk or empedrar. And the use of an appropriate bra can make total difference.

In addition to allow exposure of the breasts in an easy way and practice so that the woman can breastfeed whenever you need, it is important that the bra offers a nice support for these delicate breasts and be well accommodated in the shoulders and back. It is also important to the comfort, especially at bedtime with the BRA.

So, I selected 5 models that more I used during my 2 stages of breastfeeding and I’m here to show you. Regardless of color, brand or any aesthetic item, my concern was passing the functionality of modelinhos.

Well, I hope you enjoy the video and, if you find interesting, leave a PARTY for me and they fall over at channel to always accompany the news.

Beijokas, Denise.