6 Cardigans of Different Styles to Buy Online

The definition of what is a cardigan (Cardigan or, if you prefer) is very simple, as shown in this article of the male canal, but small details in the play can cause her to have completely different uses, inspiring looks with the more diverse influences. In this post we will see 6 examples of this type of clothing that can be bought over the Internet:

1-the classic Lacoste

This Cardigan is discreet and versatile according to CosyCardigan, can be worn under a blazer or jacket or over a shirt or t-shirt for your neutral (gray) is easy to combine and allows greater freedom in other parts where you can get a pair of color or a color strong tennis without the visual to be exaggerated.

Lacoste Cardigan Grey Plot of R $449.00 by R $389.99

2-Collar shawl of booking

The type collar shawl gives a charm to this model of the reserve, but your thick plot indicates that it should be used more to overlap than to be overlapped, especially in the Brazilian climate with your little rigorous winter. If the temperature drop of truth can wear it under a jacket or blazer and Turtleneck appearing, the detail leaves the look stylish.

Sweater Recently Caramel for R $539.00

3–modern type of Cavalera

This cardigan from Cavalera is ideal for those who enjoy a more modern and young, the design for the entire piece creates a visual unusual and young that can accompany both a t-shirt printed with cool – in this case use the open-or closed with a well-behaved shirt to make a contrast between the two styles.

Cardigan Cavalera Gray for R $299.00

4-color Broken Rules

Wine, marsala and burgundy colors are great for winter and combinations with this model of Broken Rules is no different. Add a dark jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers for casual discreet a combo for various occasions. Add a scarf, pull the sleeves a little bit and add some bracelets for a cool and modern.

Sweater Broken Rules for R $99.90

5–Cardigan with hood of Dafiti I.D.

Ideal for who likes detailed parts. With buttons that look like wood, beveled cuffs, pockets, white stitching on the shoulders and the hood that protects it from cold winds, this cardigan can be used alone or under a denim jacket, for example.

Sweater DAFITI I.D. Gray for R $89.90

6-Striped Broken Rules

Leaving the Kingdom of smooth, this piece is your biggest stripes decoy. The photo suggestion is completely valid, since the combination with other parts darker (black, green moss, oil, etc) has everything to do with the winter. How to choose a heavy boot shoes for informal occasions or a shoe without laces for social events a little more serious.

Broken Rules Green sweater by R $59.90

Before buying any one of them, take into account the climate of your city, your personal style and the parts which are available in your closet to make sure you will have a greater exploitation.