6 Tips for Decorating Balconies and Terraces with Retro Style

The balconies and terraces are gaining an ever increasing role in time to decorate. This trend is a great option for a larger living area or rest, especially in smaller spaces. To help in the most desired corner decoration of the House, the Suvinil shared with us some tips that can be easily adapted to the retro style. Let’s check it out?
1. If the goal is to create an area that provides tranquility and balance, choose warm tones, as the Greens. The brand of paint indicates the color aquamarine or Verdite to bring harmony and lightness to the decor. Choose objects that stimulate the rest to complement the environment, such as a network or comfortable chairs. Rocks and plants also are feeling of serenity. The tip is great for those who want to invest in a retro style more tropical.
2. For those who do not give up of nature indoors, you can opt for vertical gardens. In small spaces, it’s worth putting smaller vessels or a wooden structure. If the preference is for Succulents, suggestion is to put niche with different types in one of the walls of the space.
3. Bet on earthy tones, such as Firewood and Choconhaque, to vases and other decorative elements. These colors help to contrast and harmonize with the delicacy of flowers and plants in General. It’s a good way for those who search for more vintage rustic décor.
4. Another option is to invest in “bamboo” effect on the wall. Besides facilitating the combination with the furniture of bamboo and wood in General, this effect, rustic and sophisticated at the same time, is a wonderful choice to bring sense of warmth to the environment. How about increasing the Tiki elements?
5. If the balcony is the site of integration between friends and family, and used for barbecues and dinner, for example, choose colors that provide joy and fun. More vibrant hues, such as Apatite, red-love, yellow-flag and fern ensure that retro-modern air. The painting of benches, chairs or potted plants are also some examples of how to inject those colors in the environment.
6. For those who prefer a simpler composition, you can bet on Brazilian elements, which come to life with the nostalgic palette and vibrant at the same time composed by tom earthy wood, the neutral base sand of the desert and the strength of the opposing color Dijon mustard and blue-royal.