7 Important Care You must Have with Your Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is a valuable tool for any fisherman. Like all work equipment, the fishing rod also needs special care and handling maintenance. Check out some tips on how to take better care of your fishing rod !

Wash your fishing rod after use it

Keep the Rod clean. After each fishing trip, rinse the instrument with SOAP, water and a neutral detergent. Wash thoroughly and very carefully using a brush to the dowels and the tip.

Do not use acids or other abrasives which will destroy your stick. Cleaning increases efficiency and prolongs the durability.

Store and transport the fishing rod properly

The fishing rod is a very delicate instrument and does not support large impacts, at the risk of biting or breaking. Keep it always in vertical position, in suitable media; Don’t let resting against the wall, because it will end up warping.

Don’t hang around with the tip of the stick facing up. At the time of transport, put it in pipes also in vertical position. The tubes avoid shocks and impacts, preserving the integrity of the fishing rod. The most suitable are the PVC tubes that allow the mooring of the bundle of sticks in your interior.

Rust care

Air and sea air can cause oxidation of the materials of the fishing rod. If the smugglers suffer rust, use a fine steel sponge to remove the rust.

Avoid problems in the paint of the rod

If the paint stem (blank) is dull, you can highlight it using automotive polishing liquid. If the painting needs major repairs, due to scratches and wear, remove the paint using a sandpaper (# 400, preferably); then paint the rod with spray paint for cars.

To prevent the dowels and the tip suffer the action of the ink, you can protect them with masking tape.

Stay tuned to the cable

The fishing rod, made of cork or EVA, due to the continuous contact with the sweat of the hands, ends up being too flat. In this case, wash it with SOAP, water and simple household sponge. You can also use sandpaper No. 400.

If possible, use gloves when is fishing, this avoids the accumulation of sweat from the skin on the handle of the fishing rod. Another problem is the dryness of the Cape, which makes it the most difficult footprint. To resolve this inconvenience, pass liquid Vaseline until he re-acquires softness.

Don’t wear too much fishing rod

To bend the Rod, respect your limits. She must be Flex evenly, avoiding apply more force to a part of the other. For the fishing rod don’t wear too much, make use of the friction of the reel or spool.

Fishing time care

Avoid shaking the Rod when the line is taut. Do not use too much force when it is biting. These errors can cause the breaking of the rod. If the line is screwed, don’t touch the tip of the fishing rod on bait.

What did you think of the tips? Already takes these precautions with your fishing rod? Remember to treat it well, what will increase your durability. The proper use of the instrument keeps it from damage or break. Cherish your rod and fish more. Comment! Share your opinions and suggestions with other readers!