7 Mobile Tests The Xperia Arc For You

In January, the all-new model was presented by Sony Ericsson . The Xperia arc is the successor of the popular X 10. Since then is it available on the market and one of the first smartphones runningAndroid 2.3. We of 7 mobile have taken the new unit very carefully scrutinized. Read here how well the Xperia arc is really.

The speaker is located above the logo of Sony Ericsson on the front.
On the back, a Sony Ericsson Center again is attached to a logo and lettering.
To more easily lift off the battery cover, a small gap exists. So succeeds very slightly with a finger to loosen the cover.

The Xperia Arc with a size of 125 x 63 x 8, 7 mm is surprisingly light with 117 g. The mobile is for it but not exactly small, which is somehow logical on a large screen. The thickness is indicated with 8.7 millimeters and therefore one of the thinnest devices currently on the market. There, Sony Ericsson has somewhat cheated. The phone is just 1.1 centimeters at the thickest point.

Technical refinements
The Smartphone supports for fast, mobile Internet HSDPA and Wi-Fi. The navigation works via GPS, data transfer over Bluetooth.

The Xperia arc has 2.3 especially with the new version of Android, called also gingerbread. In addition, Sony Ericsson has optimised battery management and promises that everything not actively working, draws no current.

The memory is a little small with 320MB. For the internal memory of 512 MB can (for apps are 290 MB available) be extended with a mircosd card card up to 32 GB. One 9 GB large memory card is already included in the initial package.

The Snapdragon processor with 1 GHz clock works surprisingly fast for a single core processor.

Display and touch screen
Sony Ericsson uses a huge 4.2 inch TFT displays with Bravia technology with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. The display is not comparable with the retina display of the iPhone 4, but still boasts a very good image quality. Below the screen are three buttons: back, home and menu. The keys are 1.6 cm wide and 3 mm narrow and therefore relatively small.

The touch screen responds to input very quickly. This is likely to owe the new, improved 2.3 version of Android. In addition, that now several gestures are detected at the same time.

The screen is made of mineral glass and with a foil covered to protect from scratches and splinters when falling down.

The 8.1 mega pixel camera with Exmor-R image sensor from Sony boasts very sharp images, which are extremely low noise. Thus, the camera is clearly a highlight for the Xperia Arc. The shot images are digital camera level.

The application of “Detection of motives” is particularly useful. While the mobile automatically switches to the correct mode. A tree is divided into the category “Landscape”, a man to “Portrait”. The shutter button located right above on the housing or work by touch focus.

Videos can be recorded in HD at 1280 x 720 pixels. Thanks to a continuous light it is possible, even still in the evening a video turn off, without, that the image is too dark. The videos have a significantly better quality in the dark, as one would expect.

In addition, the Xperia arc has a HDMI port that allows to transfer his videos recorded directly on a TV.
Only drawback is the missing camera for video calls.

Internet surfing
Thanks to the fast processor to surf the Internet at very high speed. The pages load very quickly and completely. The surf comfort is enhanced by that Flash content can easily be viewed.

Social Networking is very important also to this Smartphone. Facebook is already preinstalled. On request, the Facebook contacts in the address book are transferred and automatically updated.
Including Office suite, thanks to the one word and Excel documents can open and edit is one of the pre-installed apps.

Music player
The previously on the X 10 used surface Mediascape gives way to the improved surface Timescape. Timescape shows all information from social networks, SMS, emails or RSS feeds temporally arranged in a 3D carousel. The overview is very structured and facilitated the use of one.

Above on the left side of the unit is a 3, 5 mm jack for headphones.

The MP3 player device is particularly well equipped also with this Sony Ericsson. Here again, the old infinity button is used. Matching YouTube videos can be searched out this to the current music. Also the track ID music recognition service is present and functioning properly. Track ID displays the title, artist and album to the played songs.

Battery performance
The Xperia arc in the normal range of Smartphonebattery is 1500 Milliamperstunden. Under stress, means frequent use of the Internet and the battery a day lasts longer phone calls. Then

Overall impression
The Xperia Arc as a whole makes a very good impression and convinced all along the line. Especially the camera is an absolute highlight in this device. The images shine with rich colors, sharpness and low noise. Also the used surface Timescape, which promotes the flow of information even faster and easier is particularly user-friendly.

The new smartphone is there to the market launch for less than 600 euro. With us in the 7 mobile shop we have a special bargain of course for our customers. Look inside and get the coveted Xperia arc!