8 Looks of Jeans with Jeans to Start the Week


If you have a costume that is liked by all kinds of people, this piece is the jeans. At each season, we see the piece being reinvented: to gain clearer, darker washes, a skinny shape, flare, a wider mouth… There are several options and certainly one of them (or several!) Has everything to do with your style!

For being a basic piece, comfortable and easy to match, jeans have their space guaranteed in the looks for day to day and for work, but choosing the right combination, it can be used at parties, ballads, to go out at night…

So, to start the week, take a look at these looks based on lookatthejeans.com and be inspired to tear up your jeans:

Jeans For Everyday Use

For everyday looks, it is worth betting on a super comfortable combo: jeans+t-shirt. So that the look is not so simple and bland, the key is to choose a stylish t-shirt or match with a beautiful shoe and caprichar in the accessories.

Jeans For The Night

For these occasions are worth two tips: bet on a more elaborate pants (stamped, metalized, textured…), simple sweaters and powerful accessories, or do the opposite and wear a simpler pants with a more elaborate blouse (cropped, with brightness…). It all depends on the occasion and your own style, of course.

Chic Look With Jeans

Now, if the basics do not do much of a genre and you prefer to wear your jeans in a more elegant way, the light-wash and high-waist styles help you pass this information on more easily. At the time of accessories, bet on glasses or hat.

Jeans For Work

Usually companies that allow the use of jeans to work, are not so rigid with regard to clothing, but even so it is not good to abuse. A cool tip for a “tidier” look is to balance the casual air of jeans with a more formal piece at the top, such as a shirt or blazer.

Jeans And Sneaker

Another darling combination of those who value comfort is: jeans + sneaker. Once again, it’s worth the hint of leaving the look more elaborate when choosing some key piece to stand out in the visual, such as a printed shirt, a strong colored jacket, or a very nice accessory.

White Jeans

When it comes to riding the look with white jeans, there is not much mystery, after all, it is worth remembering that white is a neutral color and goes well with everything. Just be careful with the panties you will wear, not to mark. A cool tip is to play in the overall white look. Looks like this look beautiful and super stylish!

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans is also a trend that is super high and can please the most diverse tastes. You can match it with a basic t-shirt and heel, sweatshirt and sneakers, jacket, blazer, coturno… What counts is to follow your style.

Black Jeans Pants

Black adds a certain value to clothing, because it brings sophistication and elegance. The tip here is to combine different textures of pants and blouse, and bet on accessories that have some color, such as purse, necklace, scarf, shoe or even makeup.

Did you find it strange to start the week with a whole black look? Are you afraid you look like you’re in mourning? So here are 4 more reasons to use it:

The black transmits introspection, therefore a certain air of mystery, which can make him attractive in both professional and personal fields;

Black is the color of power, of sobriety and ombrity, which makes us feel safe within it, raising our self-confidence;

Black is the “no” color, having no vibration, it transmits a certain distance, which may be quite convenient in a second “hangover”;

Lastly (and more importantly for us women), the black gives the illusion of volume reduction, sharpens the silhouette by disguising any swelling resulting from the excesses of the weekend.

No complaints about lack of choice or creativity to start the week wearing jeans, huh!!