A New Concept Shows That The Center of Notifications of IOS Can Be Still Improved

Back in the month of may, when the presentation of the new version of the operating system iOS was imminent, we showed a very good concept done by Jan-Michael Cart, which provided a very interesting system of notifications review insufficient at the time. To date, the same designer of that video intended to loop the loop showing How can the future Center of notifications still be improved in terms of usability and design.

As you can see in the video below, the number of notifications are collected through an adaptation of the typical “ badge ” IOS which would be displayed in the status bar beside the indicator of battery level, viewing the requests pending to be attended at all times. A function which, on the other hand, would be activated from the own system configuration.

The second of the improvements proposed by Cart refers to the widgets, assuming that Apple will facilitate the accomplishment of these to third parties, so, as you can guess, could be managed from the very center of notifications. After all, graphics and functions proposed for applications such as Skype, Twitter and Facebook are very attractive.

Among these improvements is the improvement of the presentation of notifications as we know them in iOS 5, providing that these could be contracted or expanded with a simple tap in the header of each of the groups corresponding to an application.

Although simple, the fact of receiving a phone call while using your phone for other purposes and that the incoming call could be shown as a notification at the top of the screen of our iPhone, it has a high level and utility.

This is still one more than the inventions of this great designer, some of which many would like to be able to enjoy them on our phone. Unfortunately, only it is the faithful reflection of a handful of good ideas that hopefully take good note in Cupertino.