Adhesive Bra – How to Use?

The adhesive bra serves to wear a dress with “cleavage”-invest!

The adhesive bra, also known as bra of silicone, is coated with a special glue that adheres to sinus, adapting to your format. He is the solution for you that many times I gave up wearing a halter blouse, a body with the back open or a dress with neckline tulle.

Bra adhesive silicone bra X

However, there is a difference between the adhesive bra and silicone bra. Actually both work the same way (fixed in front and back), but if you look at the sticker on the outside it looks like a normal BRA, because it is lined with fabric and some models even has a side that ends under his arm. Inside, he has a special gel adhesive pieces that adhere to the skin. Already the silicone bra is made with silicone, which is apparent inside and out, has a coarser, and the silicone itself adheres to the skin, with a slight strengthening of glue on the edges.

The adhesive bra is very practical! It offers an excellent fixation about her breasts and lets you abuse the necklines. Another plus point is that it can be washed, and each manufacturer guarantees a number of washes that must be checked at the time of purchase. Its format, because it enhances the breasts, belly, allowing them to be drawn and take one up in your look – without leaving marks. A super important detail is that he DOESN’T is expendable, if you handle it right will be able to use it for a long time.

How to use the adhesive bra

To put it just remove the wax that covers the adhesive that does not damage the skin and does not hold to the point of hurting your body. Then position it on the breasts so that keeps them firmly. For he stick, just press them with your hands. Ready!

You can buy adhesive bra on Specialità! Stop by the store and purchase this model so you don’t stay out of the party because of the BRA. And push the decolleté. A hint:it’s super high wear halter top with cleavage in “u”. Liked the tips?