Adult Party Decoration

My biggest inspiration, my DIVA, MUSE and MOTHER GODDESS completed 50 years in March and we decided, in a week to make a surprise party for her for that date so important was blank.

As the party was planned in less than 7 days and I didn’t want to spend a lot, I decided to make a more simple and delicate decoration, just to give a charm to the same event.

You already know I love decorating, so the majority of Desk accessories I’ve had and some other borrowed it from a friend who always helps in these festive dates! RS as I already had the candlesticks and blue Bootie, I decided that this would be the tom “base” of the party and in the main table, the cake was the protagonist.

I ordered this cake with the Conception, which meets in Itapua and, to our suffering she has no facebook or IG. But as I already knew her cakes (which are the best in the world), I ordered with my eyes closed and only ventured as far as the format. Always bought common cake, much simpler and this time chose a naked to give a charm to the table and I only have one thing to say: BOLTED.

In addition to beautiful he was still divine and everyone wanted to know the origin of that wonderful!

On the dashboard, an easy and inexpensive option are the numbers of age in EVA with glitter. I spent a sheet that, if I’m not mistaken, it was a real 7 and made such a free hand, and then it was just cut.

I always like to make a composition with parts under the table and, this time, I used a wooden stool that is the darling of my father and some decorative pieces.

The flowers I bought on Saturday morning in Itapuã. As the party was on Sunday left them in the freezer of the Ballroom so my mother wouldn’t see and, to my surprise, when I went to get the space they had died. That leaves the then Egyptian had to turn in 30 and save each sprig! RS

The idea came from a comic book inspiration gringa I found on the internet, but as not all friends and family members present understand the meaning, I tried to give a certain brazilianness to the idea and gave super right! RS

For the guest tables, put my napkins and for centerpiece, I used some colorful crochet sousplats combined with blue ones to make a funny. Ornament easier and cheaper than the bottles, no. Then, in a hurry, I used these I already had ready for other parties and threw myself.

And so girls, what do you think?

I decided to show here because I know how hard it is to improvise with little time and, especially, little money.

As I’ve got enough thing, I didn’t spend or real 50 altogether, and I got a pretty decent effect isn’t it?