Altar Marathon | Choose the Bride’s Jewellery

Check out how was proof of the bride’s jewellery Carina, the reality, to use on the big wedding day

The choice of the bride’s jewelry, the earrings and hair accessories, always raises doubt on brides. Will be combined with the hair, the dress, the makeup?

All these questions need to be answered for the perfect choice of the jewel that completes the look of the bride. For this, we are following our engaged reality Marathon of the Altar to the test of the jewels in the shop Miguel Alcade, specialist in jewelry for brides on BreathtakingDresses.

To the profile of the bride Carina, who has very short hair, is getting married on the beach in a super party stripped, indicated are the tiaras and pearl earrings. “I separated some models tiara with pearls, a little shine, everything that fits with Carina and with visual beach. The follow the same line and earrings complete the look.”, says Miguel Alcade, designer of wedding jewelry.

And there’s a great concern in use or not, Sheen since the wedding is on the beach. “A little sparkle! Everything must be seen to match with the marriage as a whole. I have brides who marry beautiful in the field with crowns, everything is a matter of style, time and good sense. “, says Miguel.

And Carina’s concern is to stay in one piece until the end of the party, it must also be taken into account by the jewelry designer. “This issue is quiet. We have various tricks to hold the workpiece on the bride’s head and there is also the part suitable for every type of hair. It is important to take that into account.”, he adds.

Check out the proof of parts in the 13th episode of our reality Marathon of the Altar.