Android Lollipop 5.1 Caught on Video

A leaked video as well as images, shows what that supposedly should be the next version of the sweet lollipop. Watch it here.

While manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung are expected to deploy Android version, 5.0, Lollipop, in their upcoming flagship 2015, suggests that the next step up the ladder of the software is to look at the horizon.

In fact, the budget-friendly smartphones in Indonesia, under project Android One, the first lucky recipients of this renewed Lollipop, and now Nexus-series for the trip.

Rumors claim to this update that easy and elegant jumps over the decimal changes as 5.03, and goes directly to the more progressive rich 5.1, will be ready for the masses again in March. Since it is a bigger talændring, according to the leaked photos and videos will bring more than just bugfixes and repair.

As a usability optimization and productivity-enhancing, you will now be able to switch respectively Wi-Fi and Bluetooth’s connections directly from the nedtrukkede options-curtain. The small arrows which can be seen in the picture below, indicates the possibility of alternative action.

Also, there will be additional treats for the cornea in the built-in alarm application. This program has been disabling sleep small animations by transitions from one to another function, for example, by an hourglass that is reversed for stopwatch. View with below.