Android Tea for Horizon Allows You to Record Videos in Horizontal

Do you have begun to recorded a video and you’ve given features that you had the mobile vertically? As I say goodbye to vertical videos with Horizon, a new camera application that will allow us to record videos always in horizontal.

Horizon for Android It records videos in horizontal regardless of the position of our mobile in hand, even though we have fastened vertically. Indeed, during the recording as much as revolve device videos always show horizontal, aligned with the horizon Thanks to our Android gyroscopes.

This curious camera features three recording modes. In his Flex mode the frame of the video will adjust itself to the maximum, making vista a effect of zoom when we turn our phone from vertical to horizontal. The Rotate mode eliminate us that zoom effect. And the Locked mode removes the leveling with the horizon.

Horizon It will record the videos at the maximum resolution supported by your device. Also no shortage of options to activate the flash, use the front camera and several options for recording quality.

The application is a free download but it is a demo that only allows you to record videos of 15 seconds with a logo final. The full version has a price of 0.77 euros and allow us to save unlimited videos without the logo of Horizon.

Horizon Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: Horizon Video Technologies Inc.
  • Download it in: Google Play