Android Users Spend One Hour a Day with Their Phones

Nielsen, a company specialised in measurements, which is in charge of measuring audiences of all kinds, has entered the world of mobile phones with its Nielsen Smartphone Analytics, to analyze the use that is made of mobile with Android y iPhone.

The first batch of data that we offer comes from mobile phones with Android, that have been able to tell us that the average American user goes 56 minutes the day interacting with your phone. Of these 56 minutes, two-thirds occur with applications, and the remaining third sailing.

Although probably the most interesting is that, despite having available around 250,000 applications, the most used are really very few. Apparently, the 10 most used applications grabbing 43% of the time of users of Android, and the 50 most used applications 61% of the time, results which make clear that successful applications monopolize most of our time.

Nielsen It has not disclosed what applications it is and the truth is that I have curiosity. Anyway, there are probably the most basic and practical all install just to have the phone between your hands and some of the most famous games. In addition the study makes clear that if it is not easy for developers to make their way towards the user, still less is it get your loyalty.

However, it seems that these data are only a preview. Nielsen It will provide more information on September 15. Will also make public information on the use of the iPhone, so that we can compare the types of users and the trends of each platform.