Apple Hires The President of Sony Ericsson USA to Lead His Division in Latin America

Anderson Teixeira the new signing is Apple lightning. The new expansion of Apple to Latin American lands with the opening of the Brazilian factory is to blame for such appointment.

Teixeira, who will now be responsible for Apple’s Latin American division, has so far been neither more nor less than the President of Sony Ericsson in USA, Although his career has been much longer in the parts of mobile telephony.

Anderson began in 2001 with the own Sony Ericsson as head of the Latin American area. After this he moved to Germany to be responsible for the Europe West area in the company. Then he made the leap, in June 2009, United States, to become the person in charge of this area.

Three important posts in three markets really different they are those who endorse the career of this Brazilian. Now he returns to his roots to try to accelerate the sales of Apple devices in the area of Latin America, especially in Brazil, where the prices of Apple devices are much more accused in USA, for example.

With the opening of the factory in the South American country with better economy and the appointment of Teixeira, Apple will ensure that your products reach the Brazilian streets as soon as possible.