Apple Makes Record Investment in Denmark

The California tech-giant opens a data center in Viborg. It will be the largest Apple-investment in Europe ever.

It will be a new European record for Apple when a new large data centre is to be built in Viborg. Investment sounds on a total of 6.3 billion kroner over the next 11 years, until Center completed in 2026. It writes TV2 finans.

The Big Apple trade evokes cheers with trade and development minister Mogens Jensen. He predicts hundreds of new jobs to the region, ” It must be the year’s best business news for Denmark and not least for Central and Western Jutland. The investment will give a huge boost to the economy and create hundreds of jobs throughout the local area, both during the construction phase and operational phase“.

The Center will be one of the world’s largest, and for Denmark, the project is the largest foreign investment ever fixed, which will result in 300 new jobs.

Tim Cook chooses green Danish solution

It is Danish investment in a green industrial policy that has attracted the IT giant to the Jutland Heath. The data center will exclusively powered by renewable energy and will emit over the construction warmth to the local district heating network.

A green, innovative solution that will thrill Apple’s ceo Tim Cook:
“We are delighted to be able to expand our business, creating hundreds of local jobs and introduce some of our most advanced solutions in the field of environmentally friendly building design”.

In spite of the many alternatives, it was the Danish proposals that ran with Green Apple-billions. Behind the success is a longstanding work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘ Invest in Denmark’-Fund, Viborg municipality and an attractive Danish environmental policy.

“It’s a huge accolade that Apple among many lovers chose Denmark. It stresses that the Government has struck the right balance between an ambitious and green energy policy — and a world-class business environment, “explains Mogens Jensen.

Apple Centre will accommodate data-storage systems for, among other things, pictures, video, music, and files to social media. Danish in units will therefore be situated closer to the servers in the future.

In Europe alone, can Apple patterns 18,300 employees spread across 19 countries. In 2014 invested IT-giant of 58.5 billion dollars on European companies and suppliers. Apple announces that they are investing in a similar data center in Arthenry, Ireland.