Apple Map App Problems

Almost all iPhone and iPad owners have noticed their changes in iOS 6 updating on their home screen. One disappeared the video app from YouTube, which is now available in the app store, and on the other hand the Google maps program disappeared.

The second point was driven through the village like the sow. There were blogs around the little quirks of the map and navigation program from Apple. “Bielefeld” appears in this app, but only black and white, and without the nice 3D function that caused amazement at the idea. In addition, the navigation doesn’t always work, as one imagines that in Cupertino.

Now, the CEO Tim Cook has personally logged on the company to speak, apologized for the failures and advises clients in case of doubt on competing products to fall back. You want to win in time as quickly as possible, “Maps” improve and make the product experience, which you expect from Apple.

Now the whole thing is a top priority and is determined ahead with huge amount of work. Tip: keep an eye on it! The app is incredibly beautiful in the optimized locations and at lengths ahead of the competition.