Apple May Be Considering Incorporating Siri to IPhone Models of Earlier Generations

In recent days we have seen how Siri worked on an iPhone 4, despite the alleged limitation on hardware that Apple introduces as the main argument for its implementation on an exclusive basis in the recent iPhone 4S. However, it seems that in Cupertino have thought it is better and would not be at all surprising that the new voice recognition system reaching older terminals in the form of an update operating system iOS.

At least is what emerges from a leak of information from sources close to Apple, as indicated on the blog JailBreakNation, according to which a small number of employees would be experimenting with a special version of iPhone 4 is equipped with a special version of software that would tell Siri among its multiple benefits.

When less, it is somewhat puzzling that the vocal system in question, which is supposed to become a unique feature of the newly released iPhone 4S, you can get to previous generations of Apple smartphones. However, the stir caused by Siri among its closest competitors He could have set a track to the Cupertino from a possible path to follow in order to continue revolutionizing the mobile telephony market.

Not in vain, we must remember that, in addition to the iPhone 4S, today remains the manufacturing and distribution of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS which seems to be living a second youth thanks to iOS 5. Although we should also bear in mind that, as It would be a great achievement for Apple bring Siri to a device with little more than two and a half years in the market, the technical specifications of the terminal may have certain limitations which would increase the difficulty of the operation.

Despite the careful course by the company in managing the so-called terminals subject to test, they have to be returned for all employees at the end of the workday to avoid that they are seen in public as the source of the news, even We will have to wait for an official confirmation to check the veracity of the news and its so-called scope. For the moment, only we dream & #8230;