Apple Pulls down Mobile iPhone Deal with China

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China Mobile has over 760 million customers. The company was one of the last major cellular providers without iPhones on sale. One reason: The provider works with an own 3 g Standard, which is not compatible with the iPhone. Apple in turn wanted to produce no special iPhone for China Mobile. Falls with the construction of the next mobile generation LTE networks this hurdle away.

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Good business prospects

The deal could Apple next year around twelve million iPhones sold in addition bring industry analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley estimated recently. For many of China’s mobile customers, the Apple Smartphone is however unaffordable; They therefore resort to competing devices. Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out in this respect that the group but not at the price screw would turn, but rather waiting until there is more affluent users.

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China: gigantic mobile phone market

China is a more difficult market, where local vendors with their cheap devices make a large part of the business. The world’s number one Samsung although there holds the top position with a share of about 20 percent according to market researchers. Then come but Chinese manufacturers such as Lenovo and Huawei. Apple was in fifth place with about six percent according to estimates of the market research firm of Canalys. Least 15 percent of all Apple sales of around 171 billion dollars in the last fiscal year came from China. The deal with China Mobile is designed for several years, said no financial details. (With material of the dpa)