Apple Retina iPad Mini Review: Compact Muscle Bundle and Stylish Experience [Product Testing]

The most delicious mini tablet has got a new screen, innards and modern software and it is a successful cocktail.

The Tablet is no new invention, but it was not until Apple introduced the iPad in 2010 that the tablet was a decidedly commercial success, as most competitors could only look enviously on. As most may know, came the iPhone in 2007 and thus before the iPad, but according to Steve Jobs started Apple actually designing the iPad before the iPhone.

Ironically, iPadens rapid success was built on the iPhone’s many apps and iOS, but steadily increasing sales figures make the iPad that Apple probably is much satisfied with iPadens development. However, Apple already in 2010 could see competitors grab market share with smaller tablets in 7 inch size. Why did Apple at the end of 2012 the first iPad Mini. It was received with positive criticism and got 5 out of 6 stars here on the page.

With that said, let’s jump into the notification and see how iPad Mini with Retina display ad 2013 faring.

Quality impressions in the best class

Apple has since the first iPad excited buyers with collect quality and materials of high class and iPad Mini “2” is no exception. The design and format is unchanged, but the emphasis is, however, increased by about 10% to 331 and 341 grams respectively for Wi-Fi and 4 g editions.

Apple is still happy to use aluminum unibody, which means that the back of the Mini is cut out of a piece of metal which minimizes the number of collections. Mixed with soft shapes so there are no annoying edges when you hold Mini. On our model, you will find a black plastic shroud on top to give the hole for 4 g antenna. 4 g connection is something that has to be paid more, so the cheaper wi-fi version is actually wrapped all the way into the lightweight metal.

Rear aluminum is also cold, and feel the steely refined while it oozes quality. Some competitors could learn a little as a part of, but the quality can also be seen in the price of the sign-the two things are most often together.

Retina means significantly improved screen

We turn the tablet on, we see the screen as on the first iPad Mini had a low resolution of 1024 x 768 which in the autumn of 2012 was in under the edge of what many felt was appropriate – especially too expensive a tablet. iPad Mini Retina anno 2013, however, did not disappoint with a clearly improved resolution of 2048 x 1536. It gives a pixel density of 326ppi-individual pixels can no longer visible and therefore invites the screen for tasks where details are important.

Resolution and PPI are important specifications, but what is even more important is the monitor’s quality almost. Apple has always been praised for their screens whether we’re talking Macbooks, iPhones or iPad and this is due to the simple fact that they use IPS screens. IPS is a technology that gives good contrast, accurate colors and abundant brightness. iPad Mini Retina is no exception and, therefore, are Mini-comfortable to use and look at themselves in long term use.

There is, however, a single snag, the monitor is very glossy and susceptible opposite greasy fingers, but fortunately you almost don’t notice when the screen is turned on due to the good brightness that burns through the greasy fingerprints. Suffering one of cleaning frenzy and want a stylish Stay better home, then you should have a microfibre cloth ready.

iOS7 is a welcome change

iPad mini is so delicious exterior and with iOS 7.1 is the now-also delicious on the inside, but there is a glitch in the system.

I won’t go too much into detail about iOS7 as we have already made a review of the iOS7, but with iOS7 is the software has now been so yummy, as iPad Mini with Retina display is the exterior.

However, there are some problems with iOS7 and it is very individual who gets what errors. Some are not at all affected, while others have almost a useless device that continuously restarts. My test unit was a bit hit with weird errors such as Twitter shuts down by some features, Standby screen flickers and Email app lose internet connection. Fortunately, Apple is in full swing with the correct most errors.

Ironically, however, it is also the operating system is Apple’s best weapon in the war, for which the Mini tablet is gorgeous outside, then it’s on app-part to the sheep will be skillet from the chaff. The developers are doing in general many more dedicated tablet apps for iOS, where you often only get a scaled up in Android smartphone app.

iPad Mini is a quick runner

Mini with Retina display has been improved screen, but also speed and especially the architecture of processor and graphics chip is significantly updated. Where minien relied on 2011-2012 platform is iPad Mini 2013 equipped with the newest and quickest bondages 2013 platform. iPad mini is also just as quick as the big brother, iPad Air.

However, it is only for major games like the Grand Theft Auto 3 that one observes little difference. Where the first Mini could lag a bit, you will experience no delays with the iPad Mini with Retina display, despite the significant more pixels that must be fed.

After having made a test with iPad 3 and Mini with Retina, I note that apps open a bit faster, but they must be placed next to each other before you really notice it.

iPad Mini will entertain you for a long time

Another place where there is not much difference between an older Mini with Retina display, and iPad is the operating time. Standby time is still phenomenal, and by intensive browsing keeps Mini almost the whole 10 hours. Are you at a family party, and your 8 year old nephew gets bored, so are there Minecraft entertainment in a bit over 6 hours. Quite impressive!

Do you have the first Mini you will know that you need to keep you in the vicinity of the wireless routers as Mini 1s antenna not just was something to brag about. Apple, however, has changed this and with Mini with Retina display you can freely move around the House corners without losing the Wi-Fi connection. If you buy a Mini with 4 g, will it work really well as a Wi-Fi hotspot when your battery lasts about 18 hours.Mini with 4 g is characterized by having a black plastiktop.

Clear sound without bundtræk

If we go from the top to the bottom of the iPad Mini with Retina display we see the speakers. Although it technically, stereo speakers, so he ends up with mono sound when the right and left loudspeakers are placed less than 2 cm from each other.

The sound is well-defined and sounds excellent size taken into account – but one misses a slightly higher volume and deeper bass. It is fine for cooking recipes from YouTube or talk-radio à la Radio 24/7 or DR P1.To Skype or Facetime, speakers and microphone are sufficient and rows also to a YouTube video with Rick Astley in every now and then.

But the Mini is not recommended as a permanent kitchen radio that provides background music while you make a 7 course meal. Minis low volume and klejne basrespons removes all love from the homemade bearnaise, regardless of how much butter you use.

Best tablet camera to date

Should you find yourself taking pictures with Mini, so does the camera it very well – and, in General, classes in front of what one finds in the tablet world. Textures is clear even when zooming in and the colors are acceptable. The total quality impression corresponds to a medium-class smartphone, so you can use the Mini in emergencies or similar.

To Skype and Facetime front camera works fine too and if you buy 4 g version you get a fast 4 g connection with no lag in video or audio. Front camera gives fine good detail, but on the other hand, lack the possibility of a wider angle. Skyper you where only yourself to be in the picture, there is no problem.Must be two with, so you quickly end up with shoulder and armtræning da Mini must be maintained in a fully extended arm. With less Minien can stand up by a wall or in a cover, so it is impossible to have more than 2 people in the picture.

Small vs. large

In the last section has Mini with Retina display received little criticism of the changes, however, not on the iPad Mini is a tablet which will delight the vast majority, but before you run into the store, then thought a bit about whether you should have a tablet in 8 or 10 inches.

One of the things which you quickly appreciate by a small tablet is that Minien comfortably can be held with one hand. It is really nice if you just want to view YouTube videos, but size also makes sure you don’t comfortably can write special long emails due to a small keyboard. Productivity is paramount, as is the iPad Air preferable.

iPad Mini with Retina display satisfies most

iPad Mini with Retina has in this review got a little criticism, but it must more be seen as excessive detail horsemen, because this is the best tablet in his weight class. The criticisms are minor flaws and the cheapest iPad Mini with Retina display costs 2999kr fro 16 GB, which can easily be justified in relation to quality and content.

You need to have more storage space starts Apple to pull the negative headlines. 64 GB version costs throughout the 1400kr more, which is a ludicrous price increase when a fast microSD card on 64 GB in itself only cost approximately one third.

iPad Mini has, moreover, no SD card, but with that said lands we still on top rated: 6 out of 6 stars.

+ The quantity and quality of dedicated tablet apps
+ High-quality feeling overriding
+ Performance in first class
+ Fast and delicious steering system

-Too expensive expansion of storage space and no micro-SD reader.
-a bit heavier than its predecessor