Apple Runs with All Mobile Industry Profits

The California-based IT giant expands its roof in the smartphone market. Latest figures show that Apple accounts for 88.7% of profits.

You gather all the profits from all over the world of smartphone sales in a big pile, you will stand with 21.2 billion in u.s. dollar bills, equivalent to 140 billion dollars-only for the last quarter. The distribution of this surplus, however, is most odd, according to figures from analyst firm Strategy Analytics recently report.

Although many companies share profits, separates the Apple one for striking out. Share you profit the layer cake into 9 equal parts, eight of them for going to Apple’s iOS (88.7 percent). Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei and many other mobile manufacturers must share the rest.

While Apple prevails, the producers put together share Android must 11.3%, a marked decrease compared to the same quarter the previous year where the players could catch up with Android 29.5% of the market’s profit.

None of the market’s other platforms like Microsoft, BlackBerry and others account for any profit.

Apple hugger Samsung’s gain

The great prosperity of Apple has come at the expense of Samsung. The South Korean giant stands for the vast majority of earnings and profits, among Android-producers, but the latest Samsung accounts have shown a decrease in profitabiliteten. In the meantime, Apple could present a record company.

However, not everything looks dark out for Android as the platform. Google’s operating system will find greater and greater importance in the mobile market, where recent inventory revealed market shares of 81.5% in 2014, against Apple’s 14.8%.