Apple Shot Oscar-Advertising with iPad Air 2

During the night’s Oscar ceremony showed Apple a 1 minute long commercial. Now it turns out that it is included with an iPad Air 2.

The tradition was kept in Oscars night Danish time, and here, recognizing the Apple an opportunity to showcase a new advertising film that shows the iPad’s abilities within the recording and editing of the film.

The advertisement is created in cooperation with LA County High School for the Arts, where you see the students create a movie with supplied iPads. While students’ creative abilities harnessed, sounds a voiceover from the film director Martin Scorsese. Under the inspiring voice over, he calls to allow learning to continue.

What you do not get to know in the advertisement is that it also is busy with an iPad Air 2. Apple manages to promote its film qualities in the best possible way.

This is not the first time that Apple is on the pitch with an advertising film for a great event. During last month’s Grammy Awards showed off the Apple a similar movie, where the iPad’s strengths in musikbrancen was promoted.