Apple Was Forced to Apologise for Samsung

Apple has lost an appeal in the United Kingdom and is now forced to apologize opposite Samsung, publicly.

Earlier this year won the Samsung one of the many ongoing trials running with Apple, but the case was not finished yet.

Apple appealed for the decision by the British court, which ruled that the company should give Samsung a public apology on their website, as well as in print in the form of an apology in the British newspapers.

But now Apple’s appeal was rejected and the company is thus forced to publicly apologise for opposite Samsung, compared to the earlier decision.

Apple had no comment on the latest decision, it had Samsung in return.

-“We still believe that Apple was not the first to design a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners, as well as to the background of Apple’s registered design can be found in the numerous examples of other well-known technology,” says Samsung for our site.