Archos 101/80 Childpad: Android Tablets for Children

What adults who want children long: offering the new Childpads ARCHOS children now also have the opportunity to learn dealing with apps, digital books and games. The manufacturer offers the tablets in two sizes. The 10.1-inch 101 Childpad with magnetic MP3-bear and carry handle, as well as the smaller 80 Childpad with eight inch screen size. Also when it comes to full-fledged tablets with one gigabyte (GB) memory, microphone, micro – USB and HDMI connector and headphone jack and access to the Google play store, the safety of children should not too short according to provider come

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101 Childpad with bear

The ten-inch model has a bear figure with speaker that plays MP3 files and is removable. It also has two LEDs and a microphone. Fresh energy to the battery of the bear is there when it is plugged into the device. The 101 Childpad can also Bluetooth, has a 8 GB large flash memory, the memory card to to expand to 32 GB. As the operating system Google’s Android version 4.2 is installed. A dual-core processor (1.2 GHz) dictate the pace of the work. Solves the display with 1024 x 600 pixels on.

80 Childpad in eight Inches without Bear

Not only the display is smaller when the 80 Childpad: it runs on Android 4.1, a four GB large memory (expandable) and a processor running at a clock speed of one gigahertz. In comparison to the 101 Childpad, there are no MP3-bear and no handle. But instead a two-megapixel camera on the back. Solves the display with 1024 x 768 pixels on.

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child protection at the Childpad

So that parents leaving their children of peace of mind of the Childpad to play, there is the so-called ARCHOS kids zone. It regulates access to apps, games and books. Also controls the mobile surf behaviour of children filter parental and limits it a.

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rates and availability

both devices are now available. The 101 Childpad to cost 159,99 EUR (EIA), the 80 Childpad 129.99 Euro (RRP).

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