Avira Introduces Android Security 3.0

Tablets and Smartphones have blossomed by now a daily companion. Thereby, they not only help in all sorts of day’s work, but at the same time collect reams of personal data. No wonder, then, that the mobile devices get more and more into the focus of criminals. A reliable virus protection belongs to the basic equipment of a Smartphone or tablet. With free Android Security 3.0 is now the latest protection software of well known antivirus company play store to download ready.

Mobile Security Suites for Android: Test the Smartphone Protective Armor


The latest version of the mobile security solution comes with a new user interface that will facilitate in particular the use on seven-inch tablets like the nexus 7. In addition, Avira Android Security 3.0 provides the ability, the anti theft features signal reputation and device find out from within the app to test. In addition, the developers have simplifies management with the blocked list and added support for profile names and photos for the Avira Online Essentials account.

What must necessarily have a mobile security suite


Once installed, the app checks all newly installed apps on malicious code. Conveniently can be equally striking applications with Android security removed from the device. In addition can be with the Avira app blocking lists for unwanted callers and text writer. Are erasable using the app all data on the device from a distance in the event of loss, should have led to any result the previous localization.

Android Device: Mobile detect and delete


Avira Android security is available from the Android version 2.2 (Froyo) on Smartphones. Tablet with honeycomb (Android 3.x.x) does not support the program. Here it should be at least Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) be.

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