Baby Blues

Being a mother is the dream of many women. Motherhood is a lifelong work that works great with our hormones as women. In the early days sleep deprivation and fear of making mistakes can lead many women to   postpartum depression .

Baby Blues

The postpartum depression is quite common, the big problem is that many women do not assume that something as natural as having a baby can lead to depression and often hide symptoms.

It is increasingly common for many women to feel like crying, sudden mood swings, insecurity, low self-esteem after having a baby, these are the most common symptoms of postpartum depression. Many mothers feel ashamed to admit that they are not well and the treatment is psychological support and, in some cases, the use of medication.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Constant sadness
Sensation of guilt
Constant crying
Anxiety about the baby
Lack of concentration
Loss of libido
Lack of energy
Lack or excess of appetite

What to do if you suspect you have postpartum depression


Insecurity and fear of doing something wrong are very common, especially in mothers who have the first baby.

All mothers, even those with more than one child, feel some insecurity about how to treat their children, making mistakes is normal.

Do not feel ashamed to ask for help from friends, family. In more severe cases ask for help from medical professionals.

Do not walk away

Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the best moments in a woman’s life, but because you are a mother you do not stop being a woman, friend, daughter, sister, do not focus on your mother-child relationship and never forget to live, flirt.

It is important that you go out and talk to other people, being centered on the baby can contribute to a depression, do not want to be a super mother.

Eat well

Many new mothers forget to eat well, it is proven that the lack of some fats, amino acids and vitamins can influence the onset of depressions.

After having a baby the body takes to get back to normal, have been 9 months to gain weight will not lose weight in just a few days, learn to like yourself, to take advantage of your ways.

Adopt healthy living and eating habits.

Remember that you are not to blame for postpartum depression, ask for help do not be ashamed.