Backpacking Trip:Tips For Buying Backpack

After 5 months traveling bag, I think I have good tips for buying a backpack for travel. Below, speak rather than look on the purchase the best backpack for you travel with peace of mind.

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Backpacking travel – tips for buying a backpack

Worth having a cargo quality backpack. I often say that, on a backpacking trip, the backpack is your home.

No joke: the bag has to be comfortable, fit well in the body, be made with quality materials and be easy to organize things. Think of it in time to answer: what is the best for backpacking trip to buy?

For a long time, I traveled with a backpack 45 litres of Nautika with only entry for most of the volume. Was a good backpack, with tracks to hold the chest and waist (which should be used) and enough space to spend a lot of time. Used too much and borrowed a lot and she’s there in one piece.

In addition to this backpacking, carried another backpack for day to day. Inevitably, used this attack backpack to carry some luggage in transit, like the computer, cables, adapters, books and, often, clothes.

It’s not the end of the world carrying two bags, using sometimes a kangaroo-style and the other in the back, but it’s much better to use a backpacking freighter as the Quantum, the Deuter, my current backpack.

Backpacking Deuter Quantum

The backpacking Deuter Quantum has multiple compartments and gives up to separate well your dirty laundry.

It comes with a backpack of attack for the day to day can be attached to the cargo ship and is very useful to facilitate the offset when you are loaded.

Another good thing from Deuter Quantum of backpacking is that it has a raincoat which serves also as a purse to dispatch the backpack, leaving her more secure and discreet.

I am using a Quantum of 70 liters more 10 Pack, a backpack well spacious and even a bit big for me, I’m short.

My bag was full (I’m saying good-bye to some clothes), but, even so, the backpacking of Deuter has a good system of adjusting the straps and belts to compress the bag, she’s not left and all soft.

With several pockets and compartments, also found it easy to organize your luggage: I’m disorganized, but I think it’s important to put things of similar function in the same compartment. And for that, you need to have … magazines.

The Deuter Quantum backpack isn’t cheap in Brazil. This is a reputable brand, perhaps the most famous brand of backpacks in the world. Is a German brand with over 100 years (started in 1898) of tradition which is reflected in the quality of the material.

There are several other brands of quality backpacks, read the reviews of the backpacks on sites like Amazon and, if possible, stir in backpacking personally. I repeat: If you buy a backpacking trip, buy a good one.

If I didn’t have a 45 liter backpack, buy the Deuter Quantum 55 + 10 L, why fill a backpack 70 L, what is a temptation, it’s become a workhorse. My got 15 pounds. Is there a version of this backpack for women.

Getting the backpacking

Never stuff the bag – if you, in the comfort of home, struggling to close the zipper of the bag, get some or a few things.

Not worth getting clothes for possible special social events. Bring shoes, shirt or whatever to case appears a fancy party or a club with dress code is to have useless weight.

Get ready for a cold day is not load something for a social event. I think it’s always important to have a pair of pants and a shirt in the bag, though, when I spent 40 days mochilando in the Northeast, it was a pretty big temptation donate parts.

And I’ve done this several times: I left a t-shirt here, another half there. In fact, when I did my first backpacking to Europe, took some socks and underwear too old, plus t-shirts that I didn’t want or need, and I by the way, in order to put souvenirs (today hardly buy anything when I travel).

Take a small bag or a Holster or even a Fanny Pack to carry small things in everyday life, as the key to the Cabinet at the hostel, the digital camera, wallet and a map. It is not always necessary to take the bag, it can be very unpleasant at night or on the beach.

In backpacking trip

A lot of people must have sniffed when read Fanny Pack (“wouldn’t use ever!”) and I will take this opportunity to give an important Tip: do not follow rules of backpackers, nothing was written on a marble tablet sent by the gods.

I’ve read that backpacker never, no way can use private transfer or taxi, public transport only, or eat in fast food is forbidden.

This is silly. Public transport is cheaper and makes you feel better the everyday life of the local people and fast food is bad in any place, but if you are traveling from backpacking, like adventure and novelty and even those rules can be broken.

Getting back to business.

When I get in a hostel or hotel, I ask where is the washing area, if you have a guest kitchen and fridge.

Always wash the clothes when I have time, I don’t expect to accumulate (lie!), because you never know when will be the next chance to wash clothes in a backpacking trip (true …).

It’s nice to always have water and something to eat in the fridge of the hostel, such as fruits, yogurt, tomato (I love).

One of the best ways to save on a backpacking trip is cooking or buying food at the supermarket. It is also a good way to interact with other backpackers. If you can’t cook anything, there’s still time to learn the basics.

In addition, ask directions in the hostel, to other backpackers and for local residents where to eat cheaply and well, where has marmitex, dish etc.

Whenever you get a chance, press the camera and cell phone. Always. And have a nice taken adapter, because, in hostels and guesthouses, pig snout is taken: you’ll find outlets of all colors and flavors, even the (ridiculous) official standard and mandatory.

The smartphone helps a lot during the trip. I use mine to take pictures, download books and guides (use Kindle software), check out some information on the internet, view facebook …

The best application for travel is Whats App, for communication with other backpackers, friends and family.

Do not rely on the phone for everything, how to keep the hostel address, number of airfare or important information from script. For this, the best tablet is a notebook that serves as the ship’s log.

A tip to save money on the trip is write what you spend in this notebook. Amazing how knowing where the money is going, we end up spending less.

Don’t let for packing at the last minute and have responsibility for their things. I find it very annoying when someone, known or not, ask to have a look at cell phone charging that right back and delay, or that anything was stolen and eventually decline the name of a suspect in the last place we stayed. Not that I don’t do those things.

I’ve seen more than once, someone starts complaining that had the cell phone charger stolen, point a suspect and then tossed the case, find the bug.

I have also borrowed my computer to a boy loudmouth, the type la guarantee soy yo, you just kept in the closet, as we had agreed, as he passed the responsibility to another person who didn’t.

Traveling alone to backpacking

I should have said “no, you can’t use the computer, I’m leaving now and you can use when on the way back.”

Learn to speak clearly, not direct, is one of the things I’ve learned traveling bag and getting people off the Couch Surfing at home.

We Brazilians have difficulty speaking and Yes not clearly and directly (I don’t think that’s a problem, just a feature) and sometimes we feel offended to hear not.

But on a trip alone, I think it’s important to be clear and direct, mainly because you’re dealing with people who do not know their tricks. When someone asks “Let’s just walk tomorrow” and you respond “Yes”, I think, for many people this won’t be a friendly response that left everything open, but the indication that you’ll probably accompany him.

Don’t be afraid to talk to don’t, won’t, don’t like.

What to do in backpacking

Hostels are a great place to meet nice people, other backpackers, possible companions.

In addition, in a good hostel, they will indicate where to eat well and cheap, like riding a bus around town, what are the cool places to go and which are take tourists.

Also use the Couch Surfing, even if it is not to ask for hosting, it’s worth making part of the community.

In the discussion forum of a town, you always find someone asking the company to do some last minute program or looking for a group for a longer trip. In many cities there are couchers meetings.

It is important to carefully read the profile of the person, view recommendations and have all the care – common sense is a good ruler. Think of it in time of creating your profile: fill with sincerity its tastes and join the community to gain credibility. When I’m staying at someone’s House of the Couch – or receive home-, ask how to find necessary references, like Facebook, Whats App and etc.

In my travels, I found both companies and tips on Couch Surfing and the hostel.

Planning the route of backpacking

The Couch Surfing is also good to ask for practical tips on a daily basis (what neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires, where it is legal to drink beer on Tuesday night in Cartagena?, do you have a waterfall near Quito?), find someone to do language exchange so relaxed – a chat in a bar – and to plan the larger script.

Time to plan the script I use enough travel blogs, the Lonely Planet and Google Maps.

I’ve seen people saying that backpacking has to be planned from end to end and the reverse: the more flexibility, better.

I don’t like to plan every step of the backpacking trip, I think that creates anxiety for nothing and you transform a big sprig in a city that loves or a change of path to travel some days with a very nice person into something bigger than it is.

I always have a sequence of cities to the end point, but I can take from this list or cities include places without any problem.

Along the way, do some brands so you don’t lose the Plumb. For example, in 40 days in the Northeast, between 13 November and 23 December, between São Luís, in Maranhão and Recife, in Pernambuco, I booked a tour the day in Lençóis Maranhenses Barreirinhas, 4:00 pm, and find a friend day 10 December at Christmas. In addition to the flights, were my major commitments that guided my script along the journey.

I quite like going out to the Club, then in the draft, I see What are the best cities to go out at night and plan to get them in the best days out – typically from Thursday.



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