Baidu Yi, The Android Custom of Baidu, The Chinese Google

We know that China will another different rhythm than the rest of the planet, at least as far as technology and Internet concerns. Baidu It is the company that owns the stronger China internet search engine, is known as the Chinese Google.

So now Baidu has taken a step that is very similar to Google and it has launched its own operating system Mobile, Baidu Yi, or at least that’s the idea that you have in mind, since the current Baidu Yi is a system based on Android.

Baidu Yi, which obviously is only available to Chinese users, has all the functional Android and, in addition, it incorporates a number of customizations and applications of the Chinese brand, such as Maps (Google Maps style), Yue (a style reader app), Shen Bian (style Google Places), and Ting (the music app).

The system is very focused to be used with the online services of the firm, since Baidu Yi offers 180GB of accommodation in the cloud for emails, photos, contacts and other files, allowing that it could be executed in devices with low internal memory.

The idea of Baidu is to create an operating system from scratch, so the option of using Android, as does the current Baidu Yi, may be temporary.