Balloons for Wedding

Balloons are great! Whether small or huge, kunterbunt or in your wedding color – for the wedding balloons do something right and can be used as a leitmotif for the wedding.

We will tell you where you can use balloons for the wedding, from the invitation to the decoration and the wedding photos to the wedding games, balloons will never get boring!

This is why they are also ideal as a gift idea for bridal couples – so we have put together some great gift tips with balloons for wedding guests in the article “Top 10 Balloon gifts for the wedding”.

Balloons – wedding with a young flair

From balloons we are already excited as babies and the fascination remains!The colorful deco high lights deserve a special place at funky, colorful or unconventional weddings.And they are so versatile that they go through the wedding as a common thread.

Whether filled with air or helium – wedding balloons will delight your guests!

1. Balloons for marriage and wedding invitation

For balloon fans the marriage application in the hot-air balloon is a perfect experience.

The question of all questions to get high in the clouds, is something special and truly unforgettable.

There is hardly the question, which motif can also decorate the wedding invitation … A beautiful card with a balloon motif you will find in the case of card making.

This motif is also great if you want to use many balloons at your wedding decor.

2. Balloons as a wedding decoration

Balloons during wedding ceremony

Even at the wedding ceremony itself – especially when it takes place in the open – balloons in heart shape are a great decoration highlight.

To do so, they must, of course, be filled with helium to dance happily in the wind.

A great photo-motif, there is not much more decoration necessary.

Decorate the balloons with a few ribbons and you already have the perfect background for the wedding ceremony.

Stir in the balloon shops Ballon24 or Ballon4You – there are the different balloons to the wedding to find.

Helium can also be purchased directly.Or you order the balloons filled directly with helium (standard at most balloonshops).

Balloons for car decoration

An autocorse with countless balloons that blow at the auto-brakes?

You can hardly design your wedding trip any more.

Your vehicle must of course be decorated with most wedding balloons.

Your colorful column will surely provide enthusiasm and be applauded with enthusiasm.

Balloons for the wedding reception

Balloons are also the ideal decoration for your wedding reception – for example these great giant foil balloons LOVE ( Ja-Hochzeitsshop 29,95 €).

You can fix both a lot of small balloons, several balloons in normal size or even single huge big balloons in the following places:

  • At the entrance to the location
  • In the center of the table attached to a heavier decoration
  • As columns in the entrance or in the corners of the room
  • As garland on the wall
  • At the Candybar
  • Around the children’s table

Our tip: Do not overdo the number of balloons.If the balloons are too many, the room will quickly load, depending on the size.

If you put individual balloons in a good way, a deco with a lot more charm. At Balloon24 or Balloon4You you can find great balloons to buy.

ATTENTION: If you use helium balloons as a table decoration and there are candles on the table, you should always be a supervisor in the room.We have already seen how a helium balloon has sunk during the celebration and the thread of the balloon has just landed on the candle.Fortunately, the small fire was immediately extinguished and worse things could be prevented.

Wedding balloon “You and me to the end of the world”

This balloon to the wedding is one of our favorites!You can use the balloon with about 30cm diameter everywhere and also fill it with gas.It carries thin balloon cards and is also ideal as a romantic decoration!

Balloons as menu card

A really fancy and funny idea, is the “drop down menu” where the balloon is the focus.

The menu card is attached to a helium balloon in the wedding color and can be pulled down for reading.A truly creative menu that will inspire your guests!

Finished helium balloons sets are available at Amazon.

3. Balloons as an accessory for the wedding photos

Funny and unusual wedding pictures are best served with matching accessories such as balloons.

Whether you focus on them or use them for the background – with balloons for the wedding, you give your photos the certain something and set accents.

Balloons with faces (similar to the picture) are available at Amazon.

A sweet idea is also the bridal couple as a foil balloon.Your doubles can expect the guests at the entrance to church or location and also be stars of your wedding photos.

The foil balloons are already filled with gas and float for weeks.So you have a long time to enjoy your wedding accessories.

Our tip:If after a few weeks, the balloons slowly become wrinkled, because they are losing gas, a little bit of air is blown with a straw.Then the balloons still float and are again well-filled.

Simply stroll at Amazon – there are very creative foil balloons for the wedding.

Also, huge XXL balloons (diameter up to 1m) for the vintage look and need only be placed in a few places.

A large selection can be found at Amazon from 0.38 € per balloon or in the Ja-Hochzeitsshop (3 pcs for 7.90 €).

Personalized balloons distributed to each guest are also a lovely guest gift for young and old and conjure up unique community photos with the wedding guests. Loveful heart balloons with your desired photo you will find on DaWanda.

4. Balloons as a wedding game or program point

Balloons can also be used perfectly for the amusement of the wedding guests and the bride and groom.

A wedding game around balloons is, for example, “feeding men”, in which the bride and another lady compete against each other.It is about who best cares for the “physical well-being” of the husband – in this case by means of inflated balloons.

A great event for the wedding is the rise of many wedding balloons.

Whether in red/white or colorful – let the balloons with the greetings of the wedding guests at the same time into the sky rise, all will be looking upwards amazed.

For balloon fans, a guestbook canvas with balloon motif is the perfect reminder of the most beautiful day in life.Here the fingerprints are arranged as balloons or the guests write their greetings in the balloons.

Lovely balloon guest book is personalized with Personello or in different colors at Dawanda (from 49,90 €).

In the evenings, balloons can be used as a breathtaking event.

For example, brightly colored balloons conjure up a very special atmosphere and a romantic atmosphere. Such LED balloons for the wedding you will find in various designs, for example at Amazon from 9.20 € or in the Ja-Hochzeitsshop (5 pcs for 7.90 €).

A romantic alternative is lucky lights or so-called heavenly lanterns.

They are inflamed together and float through the warm air into the Nachthimmel – several hundred meters high and even kilometer wide.

Please note:In Germany there are legal regulations, which you should pay attention to.

Since these differ according to the state of the country, it is best to ask the police or the administrative office what you are planning.So you are on the safe side.

You can find the heavenly lanterns for your wedding ceremony at Amazon from 0.99 € per lantern.

And another tip for maids:

It is also very popular to surprise the bride and groom with balloons in their apartment, so to speak, as a kind of wedding bouquet of the kind.

Whether in the colorful, in the wedding colors or the favorite colors of the bride and groom – when the two come home after a jolly party, this is a nice, airy surprise.