Basic Brushes

This entry today, is specially dedicated to my students of courses, workshops and conferences that always ask me a basic guide to find out which brushes to buy to start to make up. Of course, for any of you that you are in the same situation and you feel like having clear what brushes buy and what applications can be given.

To begin, I usually always say that we must invest a little in good tools. And notice that I did not say in expensive, but good quality tools. Why do I stress this? Because between good brushes, we can find them cheap, expensive, and very expensive.Already then, each, will know what money wants to or can be reversed. Or simply want to treat yourself or know…

First of all, tell you that if you do investment in good quality brushes, you will last postr years if you take care them well. Therefore it is worth choosing brush that we buy with a little head.

Yes, indeed there is some outrageously economic brushes, but that ultimately, they leave expensive, pooque in four days we have destroyed, because they prick the skin, because do not catch well the product or we dispose correctly on the skin, because they lose hair, because face dye us or dye to wash them… These, by cheap that they are, you don’t buy them, that’s throwing money.

In my professional Kit, I have brushes ranging from three euros to 100. So, you can imagine that the range is well wide. But today will not talk about specific applications or special brushes, they want this post to be very concise.

I want to give four basic notions about pinceleria, that help to have clear concepts, rather than the name of brushes or use that comes default.

For example, they think are brushes that can not miss us in a personal bag. Of course, we can have many more, but in my opinion, no less.

In particular, the piceleria that I speak today, you can encontrala on the website of Beter, but as you say, it’s a reference. By what Beter then? Because today I speak of these in particular, because value for money are very well and are also readily available in perfumeries, Department stores, via online… which is one of the major concerns that all want to show where can I buy my brushes?

Let’s talk about each one of them separately. I am going to give ideas of use for each one, that sometimes they will agree with the uses that the manufacturer gives, but not necessarily.

Starting from the left of the upper picture, we find a tiny brush, synthetic bristles and that come very well for use with products in cream and small areas of the face.

It can be used for applying concealer in dark circles, apply concealer in small imperfections of the face or for example to apply bars of lips or lip shines.

Following the order of the image before, we go for the second brush that appears. It is one hair of pahmi, finite and skewed cut. I.e., the bristles are cut diagonally and an end of the hair is longer than the hairs of the other end. What use this brush? Thus the vamo used to make outlined both in the upper eyelid and the lower, we can use it both with products in cream (gel liners, pencils, eyeliners…) as for powder products (pigments, loose shadows, shadows compact…)

We can also use this brush to fill in holes in our eyebrows, so as to give them shape and outline them. Of course, we can also work for this use with products in cream or powder.

Other than you can use peer to this brush, is to mark the ends of the <>external eyes when we want to do a makeover of slanted eyes.

In third place in the photo, appears to us a tiny cat language of natural hair. This type of brush is ideal to work the details of the shadows, to give points of light in the tear ducts…

Also we can perfectly use it for smoking the delineated or even to delineate the eyelids in a subtle and natural or more marked and intense way (that already to the taste of each).

Fourthly, it appears another cat language, this slightly larger to include one extension in the eyelid. We use it also for the application of shadows and pigments, preferably in powder, although we could also use it to apply shadows to cream.

We can use this brush perfectly also for feathering and gradients of color.

The following brush, is the first of the largest. His hair is synthetic, dense and thick and is one of those brushes wild why? because it can be used to apply the moisturizer, pre-basic, the basis of make-up, bronzer and illuminator in cream, blushes in cream, to blur fixes the face and dark circles… but also serves for powder products, as the base application in mineral powder, Rouge, illuminator or contour… in short, as you can see gives much play. Basic, basiquisima.

Next in line, the famous “Skunk” is another of those brushes that can not miss in the bag of any girl. The name comes because it combines natural hair (black) with synthetic hair (white). It has low density of hair and is sufficiently rigid in order to apply cream products but flexible enough to be able to apply products in powder.

What is this brush? as like the previous one, helps a little for everything: apply moisturizer, pre-basic, Foundation, Illuminators, blushers and contours in cream…Unlike the previous one, a much lighter so it works and leaves a finish with least amount of product, as well, that its coverage is lower. It depends on the type of product you use and the finish that you like, that you use one or the other.

This brush is also used to implement products powder such as loose powder to seal the makeup, or compact powder, bronzer powder, Rouge, contour, the illumination…

And we go for the last brush, the more cooked of all. If I recommend using it only com products in powder, or at least that’s how I use it only. And what is appropriate? As for powder loose or compact as a veil, which set the makeup of a natural and subtle way without stiff face. Ideal for those women of very dry skin and that doesn’t suit them apply excess product in dust in their faces for not marking fine lines. Same case is that of mature skin.

We can also use it to remove glare of the neckline and shoulders if we are going to go low-cut or to give a bronceadito tone with a powder of Sun in the same case or to points of light with an illuminator powder on shoulders and collarbones…

And now, out of the brochitas and brushes, another basic for me, is a sponge. You can use it with Teardrop like this (ideal because it has a tip that is great for the driver, but is also flat and it handles very well. Also there are egg, in triangle-shaped, round… that already a bit to your liking. My these seem to me very manejales, easy to wash and dry fast and also perfectly fit into the bag of bag.

Uses of the sponge, as different. The most common is the applied with her Foundation, but I personally for this usually use it, because is wasted enough product.What if the use is whenever I apply Foundation (whatever with the brush) then seal by pressing with the sponge for whole face. This makes the excess product applied to the face to be impregnated in the sponge and makeup binds better and stays longer.

Similarly, can also seal the concealer on dark circles or in the rest of the small impefecciones of the face.

The scouring pads can be found in different shapes, materials and colors. Eye those people who are allergic to latex. Check very well EU your sponge does not contain it.Now they are more and more brands that bring to market scouring pads latex free.

As for the colors, this goes a bit to taste. There are some who the preferred color because makeup stains are much better camouflaged and there are those who prefer them white precisely to be able to see well stains of makeup… It depends on the use we give to the sponge. But if its use is personal, choose the color that you like and go!

Clear, must be taken into account, if we have an only brush of each type, as it should be cleaned very well from one use to another, because we are not going to apply makeup dark circles or the lips after having been plugging Granites with and without having disinfected… or we’re going to apply the enlightening shade with the same brush that the shadow black without having cleaned the brush… pure common sense.