Bathroom Decoration-Decorative Items

I decided to talk today about bathroom decor, but not finishing decoration and stuff, I want to show the items that we can put in the bathroom. Sometimes it’s hard to think and imagine certain things in the bathroom and as I always say here about plants in the bathroom so let’s start by showing them the places you can put and how.

I got various models and ways from Aberdeensavings to use the plant in the bathroom, can be flowers, succulents, cacti, the plant will depend on your taste, my tip is to search before about the plant not to run the risk of putting in the bathroom a plant that likes Sun, since I made a post here on the blog talking about some plants and how to take care of them , take a look here. And where to put? Well, with the images I get some tips right, I liked the succulent on the floor and flowers behind the faucet. But it’s always good to observe also that place will give less work rs

Paintings In The Bathroom

The comics are also great to decorate the bathroom and it doesn’t really matter the size, the size will depend on your space, and the frame style will depend on your personal taste.

The towels in the bathroom can also serve as decorative items, especially if they are different, colorful or with small details, in the bathroom the right is to have a towel for each person in the House, and I’m not talking about the body towel washcloth, so sometimes it’s hard to put so many towels in one place. So let’s see?

Great ideas is not even, I think very cool stairs in the bathroom to put towels, and I quite like the wicker baskets.

Quick Tip For Cleaning

Last week my cousin who is also a blog reader shared with me a bathroom cleaning tip which I thought was pretty cool, I’ve tested it and it is approved  you know that white fat that is in the box? To clean and remove everything with ease is just past a Brillo pad. Need glass is dry and the bombril, also do not need to use force, and is a beauty, can test. I’ve given other cleaning tips here and here check out.