Beach Holidays: Tips for Packing

See valuable tips for packing a bag with everything you need for a vacation on the beach.

The holiday period many or, at least, when many people mend a break between Christmas and new year’s Eve. And to complete the package still has the travel, closing the month (and year) with a golden key. You already know what will be your fate? Will take the opportunity to rest in the field? Or enjoy a beach? Or have already planned a cruise? Or take a few days abroad? With that in mind, we made a series of subjects that we’re running along this week with tips on clothes that are prone to station and that can not miss in the trunk depending on the chosen destination.

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Let’s start with the items that you can not forget to put in the bag if your destination is the beach, place chosen by millions of people, who prefer to enjoy the warmth in the sand, facing the sea.

When you’re riding your bag, reserve space for parts that are useful and fit at all times that the trip offers you. Don’t put too much on your luggage bag, you won’t use all of your closet. Try to assemble some looks before preparing the case. This can help you to not take excess clothes. Choose always fresh and comfortable clothes due to heat. The environment requires a lot of comfort.

The most important parts that you can’t help but put in the trunk are the basic races, high-waisted Pleated shorts, shorts short jeans, jeans wash (white), devoré fabric shirts (with transparency), jumpsuits, little monkeys, long, bikinis with prints and colors of summer, beach items, camisão with lightweight fabrics, natural or fluids (tricoline, cotton, lese, chambray, silk) and printed tunics.

If you are a woman in tune and loves fashion trends, bet on the boho style that is the spitting image of the station. With 70 years in high, look for pieces with a footprint hippie chic, but with basic air. The long skirts, basic tops, skirts with natural fabrics, suede, parts accessories, liberty prints and embroidered florals, vests, dresses and lots of print fluids are good options.

For the feet, it is essential to bring at least one pair of slippers and sandals flats, which can be used for a more trendy. Let go of the heels. They don’t mix with beach and may be inadequate on this trip.

Remember to put in the bag a beach bag, very useful to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, sarong and what else you find necessary. Ideally, the accessory is great. So bet on maxis that are back in full force for the swimwear.

Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. With all of these items your suitcase will be complete and full of fashion trends. I’m sure your trip will be a success!

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