Beautiful Bride – Beauty Tips Before the Wedding

A Healthy Complexion

The last few weeks before the wedding are absolutely stressful for many brides. It’s not so easy to look perfect on the big day. A beauty programme for the bride is part of the wedding preparations. An important point is a sun kissed” complexion in a wedding dress. Doesn’t matter if the bridal gown is snow white or pastel therefore comes-some color on the skin must be, otherwise brides impact quickly pale and exhausted. Visit the last 4 weeks before the wedding once a week a solarium (low to medium level)–please consult well and pay attention to new and clean sunbeds!
Alternatively, you can rely on self-tanning or the so called Airbrush Tanning. Please alert when attempting to self with self-Tanner be and try out before several times. First above all a thorough exfoliation, make to avoid stains on hands and feet.
The advice from experts is advisable when the Airbrush Tanning. At least once before, you should make a joint appointment to find the right shade and to see how the skin reacts to the airbrush tanning.

Intensive Care Against Wrinkles And Tired Skin

At least a few weeks before the wedding to start an intensive care of face skin. Anti-wrinkle serum or mask help the skin to more clamping force and have perfectly maintained and well-cared skin, on the big day.

Get Expert Tips For Clear Skin

Who tends to impure skin , should be some time before the wedding at the dermatologist or experienced beauty salon advice. The stress before the wedding often leads that the skin is still tainted and no one wants to face the altar on the wedding day with pimples. For pure skin care therefore rather early with expert advice. Then the bride has a less to worry about.

Tight Curves In A Wedding Dress

We absolutely discourage starvation diets before weddings! A bride needs nerves for their big day and you want to be fit and healthy! It is much better that some time before the wedding to bring curves back into swing and to streamline. To do this you can jog 2-3 per week either classic or trying yoga, Pilates or swimming. Regular walks do good health and the body! Be careful to deal with balanced diet and adequate exercise and you will be a radiantly beautiful bride on the wedding day.

Pluck And Get In Shape

Eyebrows should be a week before the wedding in the form you. Who is unsure of himself, should be by the beauty experts do it. So shortly before the wedding, please no wild brewing Färbeexperimente or even permanent makeup applied make! Better put the brows with a brow pencil or brow mascara perfectly.

On The Night Before The Wedding

Should take the bride relax it. Take care of relax, take a bath, have a cup of tea. Please commit this evening no boozy celebrations-alcohol and lack of sleep make your skin look sallow and kill you feel in the morning of the wedding.
Better early in the bed with lavender oil works also relaxed sleep! The next day, you become the bride of your dreams!

Properly Pack Bridal Bag

The bridal bag is kind of the personal emergency kit of the bride + things that can-pack up the maid of honor then nothing can go wrong.- More here

Important for brides: to remember to enjoy your own wedding day to the fullest! Relaxed and happy women are the most beautiful brides of the world!

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