Beauty Tips for Teens

There is one thing that unites mothers and daughters much: share beauty tips. So if your daughter has already started to wear makeup or going to start doing it, here’s a useful tip: teach him how to make a good match its beauty.

That will give you time to be together, to share confidences and move closer together. Although adolescence is the time when children begin the separation of parents, it is always good to seek activities that allow us to be with them.

Adolescent girls are beautiful
The first thing you have to get is that your daughter feel beautiful. Although this is also the age of the complexes, that are undergoing a profound transformation and often feel ugly ducklings, it is important to make them look like they are, and there is no doubt that the vast majority of teenagers are beautiful.

Identifies their chances
also helps his daughter who knows his physique. Surely there is something in his face that stands out above the rest. Perhaps she has beautiful eyes or hair has a wonderful mouth or the most beautiful of his face. You will learn to know what is best for your image to highlight it. Likewise, that which is less conspicuous can also be hidden.

Makeup should not neglect skin care
The first trick of makeup for teens is that they begin to wear makeup should care much your skin, even if they did previously. If your daughter has acne you should consult with your dermatologist about the desirability of makeup and do not use or follow the recommendations of this.
What cosmetics buy
In most cases, adolescent skin is oily or combination. For that reason it will be good cosmetics purchase your daughter are appropriate for that type of skin. If you have questions about the type of skin you have, you can consult an expert. In most sections makeup superstores there are experts who can asesoraros.

But in general, it is recommended that adolescents cosmetics do not contain oils and other light texture. It is also important that if she has a delicate skin or suffer from a dermatological problem, the chosen products are hioalergénicos, ie special to not cause any type of allergy

Hide pimples or blackheads
If your daughter’s face has many pimples perhaps it should not use makeup. But if you only have a few and wants to cover them, you can use a concealer product, always a shade or two lighter than your skin on them. And remember, the most important recommendation that your pimples and blackheads do not leave scars: you should never touch them or exploit them.

Goodbye to dark circles
As in the case of bumps or pimples, dark circles can be hidden. Sometimes dark circles are due to be rested bad but there are people who have them permanently sleep well or not. Generally they are accentuating with age but there are also teenagers who have them. To hide them, the teens can use concealers that are always very light texture and a lighter your skin tone.

Cleaning and toning
The best recommendation to have a beautiful face is skin care consistently. And that includes clean, moisturize and strengthen it to get up and before bedtime. And in the case has been brought up is essential desmaquillarse completely before cleaning the face every night.