Before Choosing a Bicycle, Does First Need to Know Bicycle?

Choosing a bike is probably the most important part for a beginner because choosing a good, proper and correct bike is half way to never dropping the bikes.  Pedaling on a bike of no quality or of the wrong size is sure to feel uncomfortable and to have another dusty object at home.

The first consideration to have is the purpose for which the bike is intended. There are mountain bikes, more commonly known as mountain bike bikes, racing or road bikes, and urban and utility bikes, as well as child bikes and e-bikes or electric bikes that are considered in their own section.

Then we must consider the intensity, frequency of use and time of use of the bicycle.

Mountain bike

An all terrain bike, as the name implies, is a bike that can walk on all terrain.

This is probably the best bike for anyone who wants a bike that is versatile, or even beginners, who are still not sure which mode to choose and want a bike that can be used on roads or on dirt.

Currently, there are several types of MTB, in order to be able to respond to many different practices and uses. Given this complexity, there are wheels with different diameters(26”, 27.5″ and 29”), there are frames with geometries and characteristics adapted to Each mode and still transmissions so specific that it can become a nightmare when choosing. But if what you want is just a bicycle for sporting leisure, then a mountain bike only with suspension in front and a simple transmission is enough, however you should always ask for our help as there are many other aspects that we should take into consideration.


A road bike is usually used over long distances, but just as in mountain biking there are some more specific slopes that also require more specific bikes, such as track cycling, counter-clock and also triathlon.

Road bikes themselves are used by those who like to travel long distances or seek a good physical preparation.

A road bike comes equipped with 28”(700) wheels and thin tires, to lessen friction and thus gain more speed, compared to the transmission, the most common is to use two speeds in the front and 8 to 11 speeds behind.

Nowadays there are several types of bicycles, adapted to various types of uses, in addition to the specific counter-clock and track bicycles, in road cycling there are bicycles made to be fast, what we call”Aero”, light bicycles , Made for those mountain stages, where you climb a lot and all the grasses count and even comfortable bicycles, or endurance bikes, which are made for long distances and for more rugged terrain.


An urban bike is usually used inside the city, but should also be prepared to walk on various types of floor, such as tar, sidewalk or even dirt.

In this group there are two types of bicycles, the urban trekking bikes and the utilitarian ones, each of them with their purpose, in any of them we must always take into account that they will be used in the city, so the safety factor is imperative, Always use reflectors on wheels and lights.