Before The Kaplans Clock Quality Spring 2014

On Saturday the 17th of May is the place. The Swedish, Nordic, well maybe if Northern Europe’s most exclusive auction of watches. We are talking of course about the Kaplans Clock quality. We had the opportunity to visit the auction house before the auction and ask some questions, and look at some of Kvaliténs finest.

Kaplans Clock quality is nothing new here on the Manolo. Last fall we visited them for the Quality that resulted in two impressive Paul Newman sold far above the estimated price.

We got a chance to ask some questions to Garry W hagen, clock specialist and Watchmakers at Kaplans auction house.

What Are The Advantages Of Selling Their Watches By Kaplan And “Quality Time”?

Kaplan is the industry leading auction house for watches in Northern Europe, we have a large international audience and reaches out with information on specific items in the world.

We also stands as guarantor of the authenticity and payments in both directions.

How Do You Take In/Sell An Exclusive Watch For The Auction?

The bells are left in regulation as common over the counter, most vendors do not know that they are going with a rarity, but generally it is estimators that recommend Clock quality after valuation.

During the valuation control via the always the bells inside and out. Then make a cataloging of the object.

Prices are set from our own experiences, as well as other international sales.


What Are Your Favorites In Different Price Ranges, From The Spring Clock Quality?

My personal favorites in different price ranges.

Over 10 000 SEK- #23, Over 25 000 SEK-#142, Under 100 000 SEK- #68, Over 250 000 SEK- #85

Which Watch Do You Think Will Surprise Most In Price?

Very difficult to say, but there are a handful of items that are of high international level that we know will create interest in tex Paul Newman clock.

At the same time, there is always a little cheaper watches under £ 500 who always takes off a lot of bidding.

How Much Work Is Behind Every Seasonal Clock Quality? When You Start Work On The Collection Of Models?

The work for this autumn’s auction is already up and running, we already have a number of items ready so it’s an ongoing work in parallel with our other monthly auctions. Since usually the submission accelerate the closer the auction we will.

Lead times for submission is, however, important because the watches are submitted first to along the exposure time.


There Are Many Models That Do Not Measure Up For Auction And What Criteria Do You Go After When You Select Objects?

We offer around 7-8,000 bells or clock accessories per year and of these qualify ca 350-400 objects into our Clock quality.

For the selection we go not after any particular pricing but rather must watch or clock accessory be a collector’s item and be unique or difficult in any way.

This means that a watch can cost anywhere from a few hundred to over a million, which gives a lovely spread.

Some will be surprised that their newer Breitling or Rolex do not fit on the clock the quality but with an explanation to understand most people that they fit better on our usual clock auctions.

We also chose our own favourites from the upcoming clock quality and had the opportunity to look at them.

We look forward to an exciting auction on Saturday and for those who are interested can both follow the bidding and bid online if there are any objects that are interesting.