Best Support Bras without Underwire

I am preparing an article about bras without underwire, but I am facing a small problem.

Both say right away: I do not like bras without underwire.


Finally, it’s not that I dislike is that the circumstances that lead women to seek bras without underwire not annoy me wrong.

There are life situations that can lead anyone to want to invest in a bra without underwire. During lactation or pregnancy, after an operation, to sleep, to someone who would have extremely sensitive skin, fibromyalgia or other affliction that prevents wear frames, or simply the desire to have a bra of this type in its collection. These are circumstances quite valid.

Except that 9.9 out of 10 women who are looking for without underwire bras do so only because they hate their conventional bras in the wrong size. Yes, whales bras are uncomfortable, yes they are painful, but only if they are the wrong size or the wrong shape for you. Or if you are involved in a particular case that I mentioned above. There are women who know their size but that the slightest pressure of a whale bra gives huge red patches on the skin. It’s rare, but it happens. But if you’re not part of these cases, please, do you measure and find a size that fits you. Bras are not instruments of torture, their sole aim is your comfort. A bra that hurts you is a bra that does not fit you, but that does not mean you have weird boobs only tolerate bras without underwire. Your breasts are not weird. It’s never your body the problem. The bras are made to fit you, and wearing the right size you will end up necessarily by finding bras that fit you and in which you feel comfortable.

There are also people who refuse to wear the whales because they are afraid to nab breast cancer. If this is your case, I stop you right away. Occasionally, we stand articles of studies have shown a link between wearing bra and the likelihood of getting cancer. Basically, bras, exerting pressure on the body, prevent the lymph flow and thus the body to eliminate toxins via the lymph. This would lead to a concentration of toxins and carcinogens in the chest and boom cancer. So much wear bras without underwire, as it reduces the pressure of the bra and the risk of dying, right? NO.

First thing to know: these are not studies in the plural, it is always the same study which spring all the time. A unique study conducted during 80-90 years, so already not great recent, conducted by people without any scientific credibility and that has already been removed tons of times.

The criticism in this study is, among others, lack data reliability, the lack of evidence that the pressure of bra would reduce the flow of lymph, and the lack of demonstration of carcinogenic substances in the human body can trigger breast cancer. The study does not take more into account other known risk factors such as obesity, the number of pregnancies, diet, sedentary lifestyle or medication containing hormones. Another element that is obviously not mentioned by the scientists but I would like to remind anyway: to the extent that the overwhelming majority of women (and this was the case in years 80 and 90) carries support -gorges the wrong size and no verification of the size of respondents was carried out beforehand, I think it is fair to say that this study is not about wearing bras to size . So even if it was not a bunch of crap, it would only prove that the bras in the wrong size are harmful, without giving any indication on who are the right size.

The consensus on this study is that those who led the voluntarily biased and that desperate to find evidence to blame wearing bras without considering other causes, they committed big mistakes methodology. After, there was not, to my knowledge, study proving that bras had absolutely no influence on the risk of breast cancer. It is for you to judge whether or not you want to take all precautions and not wearing bra but, please, do not let this study influence your judgment. Otherwise the panty party, we can consider that correlation and causation are two identical things, and that more people drown in their swimming pools, plus the number of films in which Nicolas Cage plays is important . Just know that the American Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and refute the existence of a link between bras and breast cancer, and they are more reliable on issue that an investigation without credibility.

So now, if you are among people who have no particular problem but just do not like too whales because it is never quite well as it should and it’s less comfortable, YOU ARE PUNISHED. Do not you read my next article before you be measured. Finally, you do as you want, but know that I am not happy.

Why am I not so happy after all it is your life, if you hate the whales you are within your rights? Simply because, beyond misinformation on the sizes of bras and cancer, bras without whales, well, it’s worse. You have the right to prefer, but they never offer you the benefits of a real bra. Level maintenance, already, it does not at all the same thing. Where an underwire bra lifts the breasts and separates, a bra without underwire supports the breasts and holds them up against the torso as a package instead of relieving the back. A good bra without whales must compensate in other ways to still maintain a minimum, and few brands have the presence of mind to do so. Also, if you have breast tissue that has migrated in your back or your armpits, it will be difficult to get him back in your breasts with a bra without underwire. Bras without whales are more limited in terms of styles, less varied, often less attractive and more difficult to find. So I find it silly to be content, except in cases of necessity.

Nothing prevents you consult the offer bras without underwire, instead, but do it for the right reasons. Your breasts will thank you. I’m fine overcome my anger and do an article with models without whales, but I will not publish it before everyone is measured properly, then you’ve got to be serious. And if you make mistakes, I will know.