BlackBerry OS7 Brings an Update for Keyboard Virtual Torch

All are hoping that leaving terminals with the new BlackBerry OS7, but meanwhile we can only see what improvements will have existing models that are circling between us. From improvements in functionality, up to level design and interface enhancements.

One of the models that would see a small change but that is a change that you should see almost every day is the virtual keyboard that has the BlackBerry Torch. The change is more than anything in the design, but not for that reason should be taken lightly change, RIM you want to use your keyboard on screen and they make every effort to do so.

Many owners of a BlackBerry Torch give more use to the physical keyboard, and it’s okay, there’s nothing like the feeling of a physical button. There are people who do not feel comfortable even with the keyboard on touch screen is a process and is something that will be gradually gaining ground. Therefore the Research In Motion decided to redesign the on-screen keyboard to make it as close as possible to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Most notable is the design of buttons, looks are far between since they ceased to be rounded, but I bet that it is nothing more than a simple optical illusion, but just that feeling that there is more space to write for what could influence people to begin to adopt it. Let’s see if this such a tiny change can influence in any future RIM can begin to dispense with its physical keyboard.