Blackphone: Listening-Safe Android Announced

Presentation at the Mobile World Congress

The Blackphone arises from a cooperation of the mobile phone manufacturers Geeksphone and the company silent circle, whose specialty is encrypted communication for mobile devices, desktop PCs and E-Mails. The world gets to see the supposedly secure Smartphone, which will be held late February in Barcelona for the first time on the Mobile World Congress 2014. Only then can be to assess whether the manufacturers keep their promises. From this time interested parties, it is also possible to submit online pre-orders for the device. The phone has a simple, yet attractive design and is how should it be otherwise black.

Vimeo: Idea of Blackphone (English)

Operating system: PrivateOS

Expressed different developers to the Blackphone In the promotional video and make it clear: believe the privacy of smartphone users is a good, that it is important to protect. The Blackphone is equipped with an operating system, which is on the data protection in the first place. PrivateOS based on Android, allows access to all the usual apps, but is equipped with additional safety mechanisms. So users with the Blackphone make encrypted calls and send encrypted emails and SMS.

All About Security

Regain control over data

Also users themselves decide with which services share sensitive information about the location,. Here it is all about control: some apps or services meet their target only if the user communicates certain details. The Blackphone disable third-party access to the factory settings, the owner, it is possible but apparently these manually unlock. The idea like: An easy to use Smartphone with familiar operating system that meets highest security standards and returns the control over its data to the own warden.

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Protection against intelligence

Specifications unknown

About the technical equipment of the Blackphone nothing is known so far. Manufacturers lose no word on screen size, processor, or disk space on the mobile Web page. It says only: in benchmark performance tests the Blackphone was one of the top performers among the products of any manufacturer. Should the Blackphone team keep that promise and the Smartphone for a commercially available price in the market place, is the device for many consumers of interest. The COMPUTER image editorial staff waiting anxiously for more information.