Bottled Water Is Prohibited in City of Australia

A rural town in Southern Australia voted almost absolute majority by banning the sale of bottled water because of your impact on the environment.

Activists said that Bundanoon, new South Wales, is probably the first community in the world to adopt such a measure

The campaign for the proibiçã claims that the extraction, packaging and transport of bottled water use many resources.

In addition, the empty plastic bottles end up in garbage dumps, says the campaign “Bundy on Tap”, which means “Bundy (name of town) on tap.

More than 350 residents of the city attended the town hall to vote in an open meeting.

Only one resident voted against the ban, along with a representative of the bottled water industry, reported the Australian ABC tv network.

According to the BBC correspondent in Sydney, Nick Bryant, city residents have promised not to disrupt the visitors if they ignore the ban, but will encourage them to fill a reusable bottle in Bundanoon’s main street drinkers.

The bottles will have the slogan “Bundy on Tap”.


One of the leaders of the campaign, John Dee, said that opinion changed in the city when a beverage company announced plans to tap an underground reservoir in Bundanoon.

“The company wanted to extract water locally, take her to Sydney, where it was bottled, and transport it back to sell it in the city,” he said.

“It made people realize the environmental impact of bottled water and raised the discussion in town.”

The ban was supported by owners of shops in the city, which has about 2,500 inhabitants.

“We believe Bundanoon is the first city in the world that caused its retailers to ban the sale of bottled water,” said Dee. “We haven’t seen that anywhere else.”

The Prime Minister of New South Wales, Nathan Rees supported the cause, ordering that all departments of the Government stop buying bottled water and to use tap water.

Rees said that the measure will save the taxpayer money and help the environment.