BPA Free Water Bottles for Running

This kingcore Wimports bottle with fruit Infuser. 4 colours was made expressly for those that want to add insured features and with additional contour. If you need to perform short daily tasks, it might be this perfect companion because it is solidly built.

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Details and Descriptions kingcore Wimports bottle with fruit Infuser. 4 colors:

  • If a un probleme problem with the product, please contact us, we bring you the solution and to improve our products.
  • Carry your own infusions of fruits, vegetables, natural ingredients, and more.
  • Handful of transport.4 colors available.Body antiscratch, 100% BPA for hygiene.
  • Anti-stain. Weather Cap. BPA. Capacity: 600 ml-750 ml based on the amount of fruit in the bottle. Material: Material resistant without BPA Titan. Total weight: 230 g/m²
  • The fruit basket holder has openings in the mouth to drink directly from the bottle without removing the basket

Kingcore gourd wimports with Infuser to integrated fruit 4 colors; designed specifically for runners
Infuser to fruit stand with fruit basket, water bottle, to add your flavors of fruit water.
The bottle is durable BPA free tritan plastic which is resistant to stains and odors.
With water being a mass of a healthy diet for a fruit co…


This Wimports water bottle for runners with fruit Infuser. The 4 colors is a great running water bottle after it is difficult market to see why it is popular. According to terms of design that is near the top of its category, then join the real value of the product.

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