Buying Guide: Getting Started with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Who is given a new smartphone or buying, wants only one: the device turn on as soon as possible and get started. Easier said than done. Before you can make yourself familiar with the device and install first apps, you must set up your Smartphone. With Windows phone, Android and iOS, there are currently three leading systems that differ in part fundamentally. So you are not alone in setting up, COMPUTER image explains the process for each system step by step.

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Android: A system on many devices

Google’s Android system comes on many Smartphones and tablets to use, but not always the same looks. The reason: Manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC & co. set often have a unique interface with special functions and a modified design of the system. The basic functions are usually preserved and can be reached on most devices with a few small detours. They previously had an Android powered device, the setup of your new smartphone is not difficult. At the appropriate point, enter your Gmail address and password, download Android contact data, apps, and settings from the cloud. A prerequisite, however, is that you have enabled the backing up and restoring your old device.

getting started with Android

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IPhone set

iOS requires some information that required the system to start. Settings and apps are the two biggest pillars on which the system is. After initialization, go through all the settings menu and set up is exactly as the iPhone, as you would like. Background image, iCloud, notifications, iMessage these functions find you there quickly and easily. As far as ringtones, is the procedure more complicated: download ringtones in the correct format on the net and play them using the iTunes software. Have you configured Wi-Fi, language, location services and other functions, take your time to browse. The home button at the bottom of help if necessary from each app and always returns to the start.

Set up for step iOS 7 step

Windows phone: Welcome to the tile exhibition

Windows phone is visually very different from Android and iOS. The focus is the home screen. Apps as tiles are arranged on it. This screen can be sort as desired. PIN here the applications or Web sites, that you most frequently use. Position and size of the tiles are there freely. Thus, a surface that is perfectly adapted to your usage habits is created in the course of time. For those who like like maps, access to second screen: with a swipe gesture to the left you can see all installed apps in an alphabetically sorted list. How to get started with a Windows phone succeed, shows the following overview.

for beginners and beginners: how to set up your Windows phone

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