Came Quite Close to It That Drives Google

Google’s countless many services require a huge hinterland of servers and staff, now opens up to the public.

Google has over the years their fire to almost the entire world is widespread, it is not only done through their search engine, but also via Android and the applications running on it.

All this requires an enormous network of data centres and data capacity, as well as countless people servicing thereof.

So far, only a few people had access to these data centers, but now Google closes up for the whole of the public in the form of Google Street View.

Now you can go on a tour of Google’s Data center in Lenoir, NC, United States, via Google Street View.

In order to get a good start on the journey, Google has even created a little video that shows a little of what is actually happening on such a data center, you can see below.

Read more about the tour, and discover one of Google’s data centers via this link.