CES 2014: Archos Announces Connected Objects for a Networked Home

New Smartwatches for Android and iOS, the Heimvernetzungs system “Connected Objects”, and a matching Tablet PC: for the CES 2014 in Las Vegas (January 7-10), ARCHOS has a whole range of products in the luggage. And is our need to be able to access directly to information clearly betting that the networking of your own home for more and more people is just as important as mobile access to data of all article, requires extensive connectivity, so ARCHOS CEO Loic Poirier. Among other things also cameras with motion sensor and smart scales with in the package are according to.

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Access anywhere

Via Android or iOS app lets users information of all connected objects on the road to your tablet or Smartphone at any time in real time in the sweet home, so ARCHOS. The network among themselves about the Bluetooth low energy wireless technology: so communication should be especially energy efficient.

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ARCHOS connected home

The appropriate Tablet for the home control brings ARCHOS right on the entertainment electronics fair: the smart home tablet with 7-inch display is designed to provide access to all connected objects. So a video recording can be about a motion detector mounted on the door trigger or turn on the light, if someone enters the House.

Weather station for home

CES 2014 ARCHOS wants to introduce also a weather station, inside and outside measuring CO2 levels, humidity, temperature and air pressure. A matching app shows local and national weather information users, records weather data and archive them for later evaluations.

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Under the rubric of connected self brings several devices for better health and body control at the start of the manufacturer. The smart balance connected scale shows the BMI (body mass index) and body fat by up to four different users in addition to the weight. Additional sensors to measure blood pressure and heart rate. When evaluating filters the blood pressure monitor by morning, day and evening measurements and warns of irregular heart rate. And an activity tracker is one of the daily steps taken and calories.

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