Chairs are integrated into everyday life virtually in every area. In the Office, in the waiting room, or in the household they offer individual and comfortable seating. Through the variety of different models and colours, a matching piece of furniture can be found for every furnishing style and purpose.


The extensive range includes also ergonomic chairs in addition to the usual visitor chairs which harmoniously lined up can be. These ergonomic chairs can be adapted to every body thanks to many different setting possibilities and thus provide an individually beneficial posture through a relief of the back. Also Swivel office chairs are partly available as ergonomic seating for the Office. All chairs are mounted on wheels, which facilitates the daily work at big desks and allows for a comfortable seat. The office swivel chairs with or without armrests are available depending on the model. The usual options include the height adjustment of the seat as well as the individual inclination and adjusting the height of the backrest.


The office swivel chairs are similar to so-called executive chair. They have a very high back in addition to the typical characteristics and are often soft padded than the regular office chairs. Also the most executive chairs in addition to the common options offer a tilt function and sometimes an additional headrest as known from car seats. In addition to the function and comfort of the chairs, the design and color play a significant role in the selection of the seating furniture. A wide range of colours and the combination of different materials allow an extensive range that has the matching chairs for every need and taste.